Lake of Fire

A history of abortion rights in the United States, this remarkably balanced film examines one of the great divisive issues in this country.

Kayes graphic black-and-white film is a perfect metaphor for the most polemic issue in America. The film is extremely comprehensive and shot in a confrontational, intimate style. Kaye, who made the critically praised, provocative indie feature American History X, doesnt shy away from his subject or his subjects. Filmed in tight close-ups, individuals on both sides of the issue are given enough time to explain their beliefs. Some of the most compelling commentary comes from clinic workers who found themselves the victims of terrorist acts initiated by the religious right. It also presents Norma McCorvey, the real-life Jane Roe who has had a startling change of heart and now spends her time speaking out against abortion. Explicit in its material, the film contains a short anti-abortion propaganda film in which a young womans ten-week-old fetus is aborted, as well as other graphic depictions of the procedure. Be warned that these scenes are quite disturbing, regardless of your feelings about the issue. Lake of Fire demonstrates how Roe v. Wade changed the lives of millions of American women. The tide, it appears, may be turning. This provocative film is sure to stir the fire within anyone who cares about human rights.

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  1. well… i spent more time reading than entertainment!!oh btw u cant stop it.we will all die and a new generation will start the process over. as long as we continue to make a big deal about it the more the real people will ignore it..”it’s true” just relax and go with it..and why is god anti pets? i love animals, can’t god give them a soul? I want my dead puppy to play with me in heaven.? bla bla bla..jk..have a nice life..:)..peace on earth and in the womb

  2. There is no human right to kill innocent human beings, it is not a human right, it is a crime against humanity. All human rights are derived from the human soul and human spirit, not the arbitrary age or condition of the body, old or young. The Constitution speaks of these self evident Truths. In departing from these sacred principles we now have a government which regards its citizens as expendable as an unborn child. 911 false flag attacks is proof. This is just, as it is reaping of what we sow. We have filled the land with innocent blood it is certain that we shall reap the murder we have sow. God is not mocked. Baby John Doe1709. But not by the hands of Christians. We are not your judges, God will judge.

  3. horrible divide and conquer propaganda film. I gave it 1 star since 0 stars isn’t available.

    Life is precious but so is individual liberty.

  4. Black and white…….echhh, for god’s sake.

  5. What is that the person that wrote the résumé calls “balanced” ?

    I understand that this film shows both sides, but it is wrong to say that all arguments have the same “value”. And it is nothing “balanced” to let someone say something false and not tell the viewer that it’s not true.
    Showing both sides doesn’t make it a good documentary. Because it would mean that both sides are equaly right. They are not.

  6. Both those who choose abortion and those who oppose it in the manner they do are manifestations of this sick society that we call America.  Here are the pro-lifers who are willing to kill to save an unborn human being, yet are not willing to lift a finger to save a born human being who happens to be poor, of a different race, nationality or religion.  And those who support abortion have considered the act of abortion as a solution in itself, are rarely willing to consider the root cause of the issue.  At the meantime, they have found mortal enemies in each other and have drawn the line in the sand.  Although, the pro-lifers are the most blatant hypocrites, the pro-choicers are not without their fault for the wedge this issue has become.  As with any problem, fix the problem (poverty, poor education, social inequity, political inequity, etc) upstream, this and many other problems would resolve themselves.  Continue to put bandage on the problem, you will soon enough end up with a gangrene that will bring down the entire organism.

  7. Americans are being brainwashed by patriotism and religion. Thats why Europe is SO SO far ahead. Drop you FRUCKING BULLCHIP and join the world. American citizens. Realize that you have been manipulated for many years by commercials, redundant wars to draw attention from the elephants in the many rooms. Your republicans and 90% of democrats are worse than Hitler, but Y’all arnt attentive enough to care. Scandinavia weeps for you!  Now to the religion-part. 

    Chrianity is scary as sh**t! Christian crusaders has killed a total of 120 million people in the name of jebus. Destroyd hundreds of cultures in the name of holy christ A k a Invisible pancake-man. The swedish in the 600-700 we ravished of their culture and history. They came in and gagged the people with the Bible. Shoving latin down their throats while destroying their monuments.  Breivik the norwegian cristian terrorist killed 69 people in the name of jesus and anti-multiculturalism. He based many ideas and justifications on the bible. The more enemies you kill the more you go to heaven right? Holier than thou.

    • Your ignorance and readiness to stereotype others shines light on your own inability to act with a global consciousness that you so denounce in Americans. Fruck that.

  8. americans are lesser people than europeans. so f***ing counter-productive and emotional. brainwashed with their anthem to get a patriot boner / self esteem for no reason at all… “YOU ESS AAA  YOU ESS  AAA!!”

  9. LOLZ one hour in that guy like embodies the idea of illogical religious nut bags – that is hilarious

  10. That is shocking Christian terrorists and murderers. Yet murder and terrorism is OK if it is against abortion – All these people should be shot (not really). How do they not see that killing a doctor to protest abortion is even more wrong than abortion it’s self.

  11. How can you guys justify human beings being ripped apart….They are human beings….and you same people cry and moan when you see dog fighting.  Yes, I believe sin is sin in God’s eyes and extremists will be dealt with by God as well, but how can anyone say this is right.  You can leave the christian part out if you want to, but how can we as people say this is ok?  Yes some pregnancies are a result of incest or rape, but these are still babies with potential to become great people….give them to someone who would love to have a baby…..Should parents who want their children abort their babies with birth defects?  Is human life no longer sacred?  You can throw your opinions at me all you want….when I chose to have my son I was scared to death and I have dealt with many issues over the years due to my children being biracial….I have had so called Christians look down on me for this.  When it comes down to it, if you believe in God and if you read his word, and if you love life, you can not accept abortion in all it’s forms. 

    • Let me tell you something. I was raped at fourteen, then again multiple times at eighteen by my abusive partner at the time. When I was fourteen, I thought I might be pregnant. I hate the thought of abortions, but I respect people’s right to choose. If I had been pregnant at fourteen, to have kept it would have destroyed my life. I already have PTSD and severe anxiety and mental health issues caused by the attack. Are you telling me that you would have forced me to have given birth to a child at fourteen, when I was only a child myself? Let me tell you what would have happened. I would have killed myself. Whether I did it while I was pregnant or after I had had the child, I would have lost my life because you believe a bundle of cells is worth more than my life was (and is). I would never have been able to attend college or university, to be able to look after myself and seek the right treatment for my numerous mental illnesses. I would never have been able to attend university and become a medical professional, saving lives and making a difference. Even if I had survived, I would be a shell. I might even accidentally take it out on my child, by seeing the face of my rapist staring back at me every day. Why would their life have mattered more than mine? Because this is what would have happened had I become pregnant as a result of the attack. You would have condemned a fourteen year old girl to this? Over a clump of cells? You call yourself a Christian but you breed hatred and anger, spouting your foul opinions to everyone who you think is beneath you. Well let me tell you something honey. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. By forcing someone in that position to stay with a pregnancy like that, you are condemning them to die and putting that child either in direct danger if they stay with the mother or a lifetime of abuse in the looked after children system. I know this first hand. I’m not a Christian, I’m a Wiccan, but if there is a God, I am sure he would understand. I don’t like abortions, and at this stage in my life I would never ever get one (unless I was put in that situation again, God forbid), but that doesn’t mean I think the right to choose should be taken away. You call yourself a Christian, but where is your Christian kindness? Where is your love for your fellow human beings? Human life is sacred, but should never come at the cost to the mother. The mother’s life is sacred too. And somewhere along this hateful path you’ve forgotten that.

    • On the flip side, imagine how much potential is lost when young men and women are killed in war. You are anti-war aren’t you?

      • Are you stupid? The earth DOES NOT NEED more people. We are very soon over-populated.  Specially in a Fk up country like America. They need to fix their shit and then give all people attention. 

      • yes I’m anti-war….I believe in any case where innocent blood is shed is wrong….Is it going to happen in this day in age?  yes…..Are abortions going to keep happening yes….Does that make it right?  No….The Bible says “thou shall not murder”….that includes war, abortion, executions, etc…..God only has the right to decide who lives and dies….But our world is full of sin and we have  been given the right by God to choose our actions….But on judgement day he will choose our fates……

        • reread your bible, god loves abortion and commanding people to do it! 8D
's%20not%20pro-life.htm <-it even has books and verse numbers so you can read it for yourself!

          and actually in the bible the punishment for murder is death, BUT if a man causes a woman to miscarry he is fined for it, he is not put to death for killing a supposed 'person'.  therefore according to the bible, a fetus is not a person, or he would have been killed for the crime. Exodus 21: 22-24 :3

          • Old Testament Law

          • i gotcha!  cafeteria christian – you use your exterior community morality to pick and choose what parts of the bible you believe and just make up reasons why. 
            therefore it is not the infallible word of god, written and edited by men and no reason to believe a word of it.  perfect ^^

            (and btw there is no new testament edict or law that bans/ redefines abortion as murder or ends slavery, either :3 )

          • In the OT there were several different types of law: moral law, levitical law, dietary law, sacrificial law. In the NT Jesus said that he didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Through studying the NT we know that the dietary law has been fulfilled because it says (one example) it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man but what comes out.  We know that the sacrificial law has been fulfilled because Christ became the sacrifice. The levitical law is fulfilled because it says in the NT there is no Jew nor greek, circumcision/uncircumcision, etc…  What still stands is the moral law from the OT. This is the explanation for why we CAN eat shellfish and pork, yet why we still observe morals such as not marrying your siblings. I always read and hear this same argument, “Oh, well why is it okay for you to eat shellfish, HUH? HUH?!” I just generally don’t feel like explaining it all. Unfortunately, most proclaimed ‘christians’ don’t even know the basics of their own literature. 

          • ignorant….Jesus abolished Old Testament Law….I don’t pick and choose…the Bible says thou shall not kill…these are not “cells” they are pulling out perfectly formed babies…how is that justified

          • *sighs* perfectly formed babies.  right.  nice propaganda there.  most abortions are performed early and on those that will not live or will adversely affect the life of the mother.

            as for abolishing old testament law – then gays aren’t an abomination? right on!  OH – wait.  you pick and choose what to believe cause religion is just making shit up to justify doing whatever you want and feeling good about forcing it on other people :3

            old testament god loved abortion and slavery and killing.  and jesus said nothing to counter that.  trust me.  it’s in (or goes without saying) the bible!  and we ALL know the bible is the infallible word of god!  so abort away!  8D 8D 8D  

    • Right.

      So if you are Christian, you are against any form of abortion. So that also includes abortion by a bullet head injury or missile impact or whatever according to your ‘sacred’ texts (or so you assume).

      Then tell me; why is it that Christianity has had and is having so many people killed by sending their brainwashed holy fighters to wars (god bless america!) and more interestingly why do most of the Christians support the ongoing ‘fight against terrorism’ which seemingly generated the biggest paycheck for war profiteers and murderers since humans ever stood foot on the chunk of debris we call Earth.

      We haven’t had such loss of life since the Spanish Flu. GO FIGURE.

      There are teens 8-12 years old that are getting raped and they can’t get a abortion according to your logic? I figure you are a guy for saying what you said but imagine this:

      You are in school, 12 years old, having your daily cookie at the playground. Then all of a sudden you get snatched and the guy who did it had his way with you, which in result got you pregnant because obviously kids of your age do not really think about taking a pill to block any incoming seed that might be injected during that fragile period of your life.

      Oh but now you have a serious problem. You are 12 years old, way too small to actually deliver a baby on your own and you could die from complications that arise from the alternative procedures. Your doctor recommended a abortion but that’s not gonna work, of course you silly girl! 

      Your mom and dad are Christian, and God’s almighty will has decided otherwise about your doctors’ venture of sin.

      REALLY? Our conclusion: Fundamental Christian people are hypocrites by definition.

  12. 16:30, he hit the nail on the head. “I could be wrong, it could be that my homophobia and bigotry has made me blind, and i think, remember THINK, that this is perversion!!” 

    Fucking asshole.

  13. 16:30, he hit the nail on the head. “I could be wrong, it could be that my homophobia and bigotry has made me blind, and i think, remember THINK, that this is perversion!!” 

    Fucking asshole.

  14. 16:30, he hit the nail on the head. “I could be wrong, it could be that my homophobia and bigotry has made me blind, and i think, remember THINK, that this is perversion!!” 

    Fucking asshole.

  15. I can’t believe most of this, it’s infuriating. It is my firm belief that if you have never had an abortion, and if you do not have a uterus, you must shut the fuck up. It is not your battle. It is not God’s battle. Fuck all these psychos.

  16. When I was in college I got pregnant with my son.  I am white and his father is black.  There was several people who thought I should have an abortion.  I chose life.  I chose my son.  He is now almost 16 years old and I couldn’t imagine life without him.  Yes I was a single parent and I struggled but my God saw me through it.  From the moment of conception there is life….God says” before I formed you in the womb I knew you”….How sad in life we want instant fixes….like it never even happened.  Is is right to kill doctors who perform abortions….No, we should pray for them…that God would change their hearts.  We should also not judge a woman who has had an abortion….there is always forgiveness…But we must stand up as Christians and let our country know this is a sin that God does not tolerate!

    • it is a misconception to think that one decision that is right for one person is right for all.  every woman should have all options available to her, unrestricted by politicians and religious nutbags.

    • Two things.

      While there is absolutely nothing wrong with your choice to have your son, that’s just it: it was your CHOICE. You “chose life.” For people with your viewpoint and religious beliefs, it is completely understandable that they would make this decision. But again, you must realize the importance of the decision being left up to you. People around you had different opinions, but you had the right to choose what you felt was the best course of action for yourself. This would be a very different country if a crucial decision like this was not left up to you.Also, I think you’ve really got to wrap your head around the faults in your statement, “we must stand up as Christians and let our country know this is a sin that God does not tolerate!” America has worked SO HARD to ensure that it is NOT a theocratic country. The separation of church and state is crucial in so many other areas of US law, not just this one controversial issue. Depending on the state/region you come from, Christianity may seem like pretty much the default “American way,” just from taking a look around you. In other regions, though, and through looking at actual statistics, you will find that many Americans do not share your Christian beliefs. Honestly, though, even if the nation were 99% Christian (screw it, even 100%), that still would not merit using religion-based logic in writing a SECULAR nation’s SECULAR laws.

    • What about in the case of incest pregnancies, rape pregnancies, and pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother? 

      I also believe that if you are happy and healthy, like you were, you should have your child.
      Your argument is null and void because of this. 

      I bet your stance would be different if you had been raped and were being forced to have the child. I honestly don’t know how you can stand by such a brutal and un-compassionate opinion when you clearly don’t know shit, and haven’t been through what this documentary is about.

      (PS God is dead, and you are wrong. Deal with it. 
      PPS Read Nietzsche)

  17. “The ones who don’t sit when the pope sais sit, and don’t jump when the pope sais jump are the ones that aren’t smart.” -the one who would apparently jump because someone told him to. Smart…