Las Calles Hablan

Las Calles Hablan is a feature length documentary film about street art in Barcelona. Until now there hasn’t been a definitive film made in Barcelona which explores the history, motivation, politics and the numerous characters involved in the street art scene.

Featured artists:Zosen, Mina Hamada, Kenor, Kram, El Xupet Negre, Debens, Fert, Dase, SM172, Ogoch, Kafre, Aleix Gordo, Meibol, Eledu, C215, H101, Miss Van, Btoy, El Arte Es Basura, Konair, Gola, Vinz.

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  1. It’s not clear to me why people complain about this doc. I think it’s a good one, very welcome voice standing for graffiti art/ists. The music soundtrack? Those people were talking, go watch mtv if u want just images and music.
    You can’t have everything just in one doc but I miss a bit some interviews with those in “power” who speak for the city and decide to make graffiti illegal. And you could find some (graffiti) tourists who especially go to those streets, to watch the art. I do this in Rome, every time I go there I go see what established street artists have added. It’s the beauty and size of discovering something on the street as opposed to seeing the works ripped off the walls and exposed in an exhibition (like the itinerant Banksy show right now in several cities. So, as long as the city can make money from the street art, they will even give you an expo space, is that it?
    When are street artists and new “kids” going to stand up for themselves and their works? I get the thrill of doing illegal stuff but some works need time and space to come into existance and you cant have that while the cops run after you.
    Very few docs on graffiti, this is a good one!
    PS Im not a graffiti artist, Mon Graffito (meaning My Scratch) is my name as artist. Im a painter and draughtsman though I have a few paste ups and sprays in my history.

  2. could watch the doc due to the music

  3. dubstep killed the dance cool video but should have got real music for soundtrack