Legendary Nights: The Tale of Gatti-Ward

Legendary Nights: The Tale of Gatti-Ward is part of HBO’s Legendary Nights boxing documentary series and see’s HBO Sports revisit rival junior Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward during their stand out 9th round brawl.

Between November 23, 2002 and June 7, 2003, Gatti and Ward would cross paths a total of three times. Within those 13 months they battled it out for a complete 30 rounds against one another. Whilst Ward saw victory in their first encounter, Gatti was triumphant in the bouts that followed.

Originally released in 2013, this film marked the 10th anniversary of the third fight which was the finale to a landmark trilogy. Whilst examining all fights, this documentary gives great insight and reveals the true heart these two ring warriors possessed. It also follows Ward to Canastota, NY for Gatti’s posthumous induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

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