National Geographic goes on a fun and fascinating adventure that would be the envy of any kid in the world inside the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark.

The Documentary covers many aspects of the production of the ubiquitous plastic blocks including the design team coming up with ideas on how the classic City Police Station set should be revamped and how the ‘Concept Factory’ began to combine the fun of building Lego with the fun of playing boardgames.

In the clip below you can see the various prototypes for the buildable die and the actual mold used the create the final one: a mold that

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  1. Big fan og lego, too bad with the mmo.

  2. Yeah That´s Right And Even Adults Like It… Is Awesome

  3. Hehe, in the sedond half they speak about Lego Universe, the yet most expensive investment made by LEGO. The game servers for the game were permanently shut down on Jan30 this year, meaning the game flopped big time… if you are working for Lego, I got an idea for you 😉

  4. this is probably the best toy ever made