Lessons in Hate and Violence

Dispatches goes undercover to investigate allegations that teachers regularly assault young children in some of the 2,000 Muslim schools in Britain run by Islamic organizations.

The programme also follows up allegations that, behind closed doors, some Muslim secondary schools teach a message of hatred and intolerance.

The programme is presented by reporter Tazeen Ahmad. Lessons in Hate and Violence is not available on 4oD at this time, due to an ongoing police investigation concerning subjects featured in the programme.

Muslim groups gave their reaction after the programme aired. The British Muslim Forum condemned abuse and bigotry but said that such incidents and attitudes were not widespread in the 2,000 Islamic institutions across Britain.

It urged Channel 4 not to fall in the trap of ‘Islam bashing’ or creating fear, hatred and racism against Muslims and their holy faith as has become fashionable these days by over-generalising and exaggerating such isolated incidents.

The group also said it was of extreme concern that the programme producers were aware of the incidents since July 2010 but failed to pass the information on to the relevant authorities, thereby compromising the health and safety of the children involved.

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  1. The only place Muslims should be is back in the stone age where they belong. To say that they’re animals is insulting to animals. They behave more like demons and spread hate the world over. If you want to live like savages, do it in your own god forsaken countries where you belong!

  2. shit kickers.
    no religon is perrfect in the human mind. youll never know enough
    some extremest ruining it for the whole lot, pretty naive
    and for you to judge a whole by one………. then yes stick to these comment boxes,
    annnnnndd, i guess resulting in violence isn’t the greatest but its a ugly world and if centurys have lied by it then your comment aint squat, koz it sure looks ike there alright to stick with it.
    not being born into any religon, and seeing all this propaganda over the one, ehh people….
    did we forget the child molesting preists?

  3. Fuck Islam. Get the fuck out of the west you fucking dogs!

  4. some people are just arseholes. intolerance, hate and arrogance by some in all religions should always be uncovered. met so many people who have the correct human spirit who are not religious.         

  5. these are not people, they are anmimals

  6. these are not people, they are anmimals

  7. The older I get, the more I realize that all religions are dangerous and some people use them to follow their own evil.

  8. @477a140147a0a00d6a7f88030e1321ab:disqus this is not “Muslims” this is one group of Muslims and we shouldn’t generalise. If you see a documentary about drug and violence in Black community in Britain you wouldn’t say that Black people are murderers or danger to society.

    It is essential that we don’t vilify any group of society because then it will be easy to vilify other groups gradually and we end up in Nazi like state. Defend Muslims as much as you defend Britain, and yes we should investigate wrong doings for any group and take legal action.

  9. this has nothing to do with islam, can you see that these people are not even arab they are pakistani, this is down to culture, tradition, islam for your information means PEACE, why dont we judge the christians/catholics in ireland and europe, the priests, the “preachers” of gods words  who used to beat and RAPE the kids in CURCH? or the “most hated family in america”, in reality if everybody was to practice their religion ( christianity) instead of having it just as a name you would disagree with most of the things that this world has made tolerable in the past few decades, such as same sex marriage, sex outside marriage, using drugs, partying, dating and so on, you people are miss lead and i feel sorry for you

  10. To be completely fair, this film shows footages with ‘comments’. Most significantly, it shows footages that these reporters wants you to see.

    You can’t deny that there is a high level of manipulation in this film. It’s just watching propaganda films from both sides during the cold war.

  11. To be completely fair, this film shows footages with ‘comments’. Most significantly, it shows footages that these reporters wants you to see.

    You can’t deny that there is a high level of manipulation in this film. It’s just watching propaganda films from both sides during the cold war.

  12. children abused as much as that will undoubtedly grow to be violent thugs.

  13. i feel very voyeuristic after watching that. but it also reminds me that it wasn’t so long ago that i witnessed similar behavior in public schools in the usa. the world is very corrupt and ugly sometimes. that is what i take from this.

  14. Its not Islamaphobia if the Muslims behave like stone aged maniacs, then they should be exposed for what they are.

    • and who the fuck are to judge, whats islam? do u even know anything about it?

      • arrogance and vulgarity, is that the way for a logical debate? is this what the religion of peace says to act? more like the religion of hatred, violence and hypocrisy. that is a fact.
        peace and logic,

  15. bit of both, state based propaganda for islam bashing, but at the same time, any religion bashing is good for me. When are religions going to leave the kids alone and let them choose any faith when they grow up? oh yeah I almost forgot, because if kids grow up in freedom they most surely will outgrow any religion and that is what religions try avoiding all the time with their manipulative and opressing agendas.

    • Did you even watch the video? The things caught on camera being taught to those kids was beyond reprehensible, not to mention the physical violence…

    • Agreed. I’m not a fan of Islam either (I’m a Christian) but this is just blatant Islamophobia.

      • Islamophobia is merely a word coined by ayatollah Khomeiny. It’s an invention destined for Islam to leach within our societies. This manoeuvre has a name in Quran: taqqya (deception).
        Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s also a juridic and political ideology, whose followers very goal is to establish sharia all around the World.
        I recommend you to read carefully the Quran, I guarantee you’ll cease immediately to defend it.

        • BTW, mostly read about Muhammad.
          According to Islam, he’s the perfect man. Truth is he was in fact a depraved warlord. Once you’ll be done knowing all his facets, you’ll get exactly intentions of this documentary.
          A good muslim only follow example of his prophet.

      • Christian’s also teach to not spare the rod. This film shows blatant criminal child abuse. I’m not Christian bashing, here, but what is it that you see as Islamophobia?

  16. Islamophobia is creepy, and becoming quite prevalent amongst the “Romans” these days.