Let There Be Life

Welcome a new and very strange world of nature, it’s being taken over by the weird subatomic particles of quantum physics. As a physicist Jim Al-Khalili has spent his working life studying how these particles behave in the laboratory but in this BBC special we see him head out into the natural world. Al-Khalili is on a mission to prove quantum physics can solve the greatest mysteries in biology as he attempts to apply the very careful ideas he is familiar with in a laboratory to the messy world living things.

Al-Khalili believes that quantum physics could hold may of life’s secrets and that deep in the cells of animals particles glide through walls like ghosts, when plants capture sunlight their cells are invaded by shimmering waves that can be everywhere at the same time and that even our human senses are tuning into strange quantum vibrations.

In the fantastic world of quantum biology life is a game of chance played by quantum rules, and this is what Al-Khalili hopes to achieve in this film, to show us that quantum mechanics is essential in explaining many of the important processes in life and that it may potentially underpin the very existance of life itself.


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