Lethal Cargo: Arms

Hundreds and thousands of men women and children are maimed and killed every year by light arms often trafficked illegally or even openly in a grey area of near legality used by governments to sponsor armed factions. This is the story of how individuals and states have profited from civil wars around the Mediterranean shores. These are wars that have flooded the heart of Europe with their refugees, terrorists, and weapons.

Today arms are being trafficked in and out of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea ports and airports by smugglers arms dealers and even governments. There is a grey area between legal and illegal trade that bends the rules to allow the arms industries, states, and individuals to profit from conflicts where despite arms embargos in place human rights are violated daily.

Directed by: Paul Edward John Russell , Andrea Vogt

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  1. Overall I’d say it’s a decent documentary. Not particularly biased towards the east or the west and does a good job of examining the broader implications of the global arms trade.

  2. Ahhh… wish we can buy AK’s in Canada.

  3. have the sound of great plan the familian plan true good belive all sand .