Licence to Kill

After Manchester City player Courtney Meppen-Walter was released from prison in error earlier this month, this powerful documentary follows why he was sent there in the first place, following a traffic collision that killed two members of the same family.

With exclusive interviews and access to that family and to Meppen-Walter himself, it explores why newly qualified drivers are so often at the centre of traffic accidents and why these are the single biggest killer of young people.

Sophie Morgan, whose own crash left her unable to walk, meets people who, like her, have seen their lives changed forever by an accident – whether they were injured, or they were driving the car. As she hears emotional stories of regret and recovery, and finds out what it means to be responsible for a death on the roads, she also discovers one way that the rate of accidents could be brought down and encounters drivers who race illegally on public roads with no thought for anyone’s safety. And after a reunion with the passengers she could have killed, she is forced to think again about her own actions – and her driving – back on the night that she crashed.

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  1. All young people should view this before they get their driving licence.
    (And all those who enjoy speeding too.)