Life After Life

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced “clinical death” and were subsequently revived.

This classic exploration of life after death started a revolution in popular attitudes about the afterlife and established Dr. Moody as the world’s leading authority in the field of near-death experiences.

The extraordinary stories presented here provide evidence that there is life after physical death, as Moody recounts the testimonies of those who have been to the “other side” and back — all bearing striking similarities of an overwelming positive nature.

These moving and inspiring accounts give us a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.

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  1. Amazing

  2. I have a website that details an experience where I had an extensive out of body/ near death experience. The site is

  3. Always interested me !! and puts my mind at ease a little bit as death frightens me……so, food for thought as to how we treat others in the future………I always work on the principle of looking in the mirror each night and be proud of what you have done that day then you can feel good about yourself and have a good nights sleep………:)

  4. If you really think about it, how did planet Earth ever get here, along with all the other planets, stars, the whole universe. How have the Sun and the Moon been going all these thousands of years without running out of energy? It is amazing to me how everything can re-create; humans, animals, plants, trees. If we evolutionized from monkeys, why did we not evolutionize into something else afterward, but remained humans? What makes us feel, see, hear, taste? We can cry, laugh, love, talk, think. We are created from a higher power, one so great, He gave His only Son to die so that we may live in eternal peace if we truly believe and accept Him into our hearts.

    • We didnt evolve from monkeys, we evolved from the same mammal as monkeys. We simply branched off, think of them as a distant cousin.. please? evolution is fact, there is so much evidence.

      The way I think of it is – we shit, fuck, sleep, drink our mothers milk when we are babies, have spines with huge similarities just like other mammals. It isn’t hard to see we are an animal, our bodies work almost the same. Your faith blinds you from reality and I feel sorry for you.

  5. Ugh. What if your dead relatives catch you masturbating?

  6. The best way I can understand God is as a father of my own children.

    If I am a child of God, then God wants me to be all & more of what he/she/they are.

    I want my children to be happy & free. I want them to grow beyond what I am & teach me about life & creation as I tried to teach them.

    I would love my children whatever they did, to me or others. My love is unconditional. I have my preconceptions about what being a parent would be but my children came & my love for them meant I had to change all my ideas.

    My love for them teaches me to always be humble.

    When you love someone, you are always in a state of catch-up!

    Because love & truth take you to places you never thought existed or wanted to go.

    This is why love is hard. It has a price. But it’s rewards make any price worthwhile.

    Love to all reading this. :o)

    See you all when we wake from this dream! x

  7. dammit…  this makes me less likely to commit suicide actually.   i mean if we have to come back and re-do it all again…   i guess i will stick around …  maybe life gets better

  8. Very interesting documentary.. As a muslim, I can say that the description of those who experimented the death match exactly with the one decribed in Coran.

  9. well….. What can I say……. I always have believed in God…… many things on this documentary  do make sence … and it is like stories I heard as a child.. I went to a lady that speaks to the other side… she told me my farther was beside me.. I laughed in doubt…  then she told me that he said it was him, to prove it he pointed to his feet telling her that he had deformed feet from an accident as a child…  there is no way she could have guessed that… I believe….. even though as a humble human I still get doubts…. that continues to need reassurance ….

  10. Christianity lol

  11. well this was truly an eye opener. i understand more and what god wants of all of us. i dont go to church or pray as often as i should but i will always beleive in the spriitual world.

  12. This documentry by R. Moody was lovely and very spiritual. Myself and my husband enjoyed it very much.

  13. I just like the message of hope because I can’t believe that life is just an accident and when our bodies die it’s all over. I truly don’t understand people who can believe that there is nothing after this!

  14. I just like the message of hope because I can’t believe that life is just an accident and when our bodies die it’s all over. I truly don’t understand people who can believe that there is nothing after this!

  15. I have never died and come back to life… BUT the things attested to in this video are strongly supported by doctrines and truths I have learned through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just one example… the most important thing people reported as a reason for coming back and what actually mattered in life was love. This is supported by Christ’s teachings in the Bible as well as the Book of Mormon. (Mark 12:31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.)

  16. I enjoyed it although it was a little slow. I was more interested in the suicidal, but her story wasn’t as detailed. I would have liked to hear about people who had bad experiences, these are also informative. I think they give you enough information to re-adjust your life.

    I think from a religious standpoint it gives me something to focus on and a goal. That is to learn more about God and truly love your neighbor as yourself. Keeping in mind the traditions of Christianity and steer widely away from New Age. I don’t believe that I am god or that God is female.

    But I can’t wait.


    • In response to your comment “I don’t believe that I am God…” I’d say that is true for all of us. But it did cause me to think of the Mormon (LDS) doctrine on man having the ability to become as God… i.e. to progress to the state he is in. Maybe that oneness he was describing lies in this notion, he, like us, being children of god and thus having the ability to become like him, furthermore, perhaps we are already more like him than we realize. I do believe he is the father of our spirits.

      • Excellent post. If I may posit a few perhaps radical ideas from my view point which is I suppose most closely associated with the ancient spiritual science of Shamanism:

        A soul is the energy that gives a body ‘power'(optic nerves, muscle impulses, brain waves/impulses, heart beat, etc.) and most importantly provides us with consciousness.

        Our bodies are energized in the womb originally and a complex network of “ionic tubes” or electrical pathways(or whatever you want to call them) that are contained within human and other biological cells act as an electric double layer or barrier, keeping our ‘soul’ energy inside us while keeping the other ‘ambient’ energy out. (You may notice women often have ‘that glow’ during pregnancy as the increased energy necessary for that new life “infects” them)

        Some energy is constantly being ‘input’ into your body to compensate for natural ‘leakage’ or dissipation though and that energy comes from the sun as sunlight and is converted by your eyes and regulated by your brain to ensure the right balance is maintained(like photosynthesis for plants).

        The eyes are the window to the soul for a reason.

        The same type of energy that powers us is constantly flowing around us as well as ‘sunlight'(actually energy our eyes “interpret” as light) emanating from our local star Sol, the sun. The sun is the gateway to heaven, the ‘universal flow’ of energy that is God itself, where we came from and where we are meant to return, the ‘bright light’.

        So shall he giveth, so shall he taketh away – the energy comes from the sun and it returns to the sun; unless your soul is stolen by the devil and dragged to hell.

        Hell to me is simply a description of the hot, magma rich interior of the Earth which just happens to be energized itself.

        If a person’s body is buried before their soul energy has a chance to fully escape/dissipate into the atmosphere(and back into the ‘flow’) it becomes entrapped by the Earth’s own electrical charge unable to escape the bounds of ‘hell’.

        Until of course their grave is disturbed, but if it’s been too long the ‘spirit’ energy will have become “mutated” or “diluted” by the Earth’s energy and not be able to rejoin the flow and being forever trapped on Earth.

        It may be a bit ‘off the rails’ but I know my Will says I’m going to be waiting 16 days after death before being cremated just to be sure my soul doesn’t get ‘dragged to hell’ by an inept tradition of premature burial. Technically though cremation isn’t necessary provided all your soul energy has escaped beforehand, but I prefer cremation just to be safe.

        Bonkers I know, but I guess I like the ‘flow’ of it all… Haha.

  17. I agree it is kind of a bland documentary, but the stories themselves at the same time are interesting. It would have been interesting to have heard from people who may have experienced a “hellish” experience and came back…

  18. A pretty bland documentary on the subject matter.

    It is made up of interviews with people who have had near death experiences, in short subjective, empirical but not verifiable, experiences.

    It does not seriously present the philosophical reasoning surrounding this phenomena, the materialism vs. spiritualism debate, nor does it go in to any relevant science, brain activity etcetera.

    There are some very compelling cases when it comes to the near death experience phenomena, particularly the case of “Pam Reynolds”.

    One problem is that many skeptics dismiss the phenomena as hallucination, without there actually being adequate evidence for that hypothesis, while spiritualists indiscriminately accept near death experiences as being literally true.

    If indeed it is merely hallucination, big fat hairy deal, it’s inconsequential whether it is a physical or merely sensory phenomenon, it’s the experience that matters, and it seems to have a profound effect on people.

    If it is a truly external phenomena then the whole idea of materialism, and thus science needs to be re-formulated to take the potential of a spiritual reality in to account.

    Either way, interesting stuff,