Life After Suicide

Angela Samata lived an ordinary life with all of the normal worries and dreams that we all deal with, that was up until one night 11 years ago when everything changed. Angela came home to find that the man she loved and the father of their two boys had taken his own life. Since that day she has been learning what it means to loose someone you love to suicide and why its a very different type of grief to any other. Now Angela is going on a journey around Britain to meet people like herself, who faced a similar loss in an attempt to break down some of the stigma and fear that exists around suicide.

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  1. It’s LOSE not loose. Her cheating cunt is loose

  2. just like a woman total attention seeker she was going to leave anyways now she sad what a joke she a liar trying to make money of her dead ex-husband death wish lots of bad luck her way stage 4 breast cancer

  3. wow, now that is a problem I would have never thought of on my own. she was going to leave him, break up the family and that’s the one thing he could not or would not deal with. I went through the same thing 2 times in my life, not suicide, but a woman reworking my life without care as to how it would effect us, everyone else, her needs over road everyone and off she went.
    now this woman is trying to find a way to deal with her actions without ever saying it is my fault and I know it. what we do matter in deep profound ways and I still am trying to get a hold of that idea in my daily life. I never want to hurt anyone but I still do because I don’t think my actions through, I hope to change this about me…

    • This comment is hurtful to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide …a kind of pain I hope you will never experience. Clearly you didn’t think this through. Everyone close to a person who died by suicide can think of a reason why they may be to blame, things they might have done that could maybe have prevented what happened…but this doesn’t help anyone. The documentary was supposed to help educate people and reduce the stigma so that people affected are able to talk about their experiences without fear of being judged and heal…just like anyone who is bereaved. You seem to have been too busy judging to have got the message.

      • Please don’t waste your time trying to reason with a person who ignores the fact that someone did something very, very unfortunate that had a profound and sad effect on those around them. Obviously this person chose suicide, nobody made them do it, it was their choice. Whatever this person’s issue is with women, it’s got nothing at all to do with the grief and loss of losing a loved this way. It’s almost ridiculous—blaming someone for someone else’s actions like that. I’m sure “God” will explain it to him in the afterlife. Meanwhile, ignore!

      • I’m sorry you see it that way also, but our world must come to terms with who is doing what. most times people and companies based all their actions only with the thought of, will this help me? when I say, don’t make a move until you have found a way to not hurt anyone. your also forgetting she make a vove to GOD and she broke it also. but if she were the first to divorce and her ex killed himself you would agree. her action killed a man plain and simple. you stand from the view point of seeing so much divorce in your daily life it has lost any real meaning to you. I am sure she will view it differently when she stands before GOD. we must return to a world where are actions matter, every single one of them. there are some men who can not deal with being alone again and at such a late age,
        many women would do the same thing if the tablets were revered. the lost of everything you have put years of your life into just seems to much at times. these children are real and they miss out too, no one yet is willing to speak on behalf of the children and their pain because one single member of the family quits. let her leave with nothing and see how far she goes. be fair to all parties, not just your same sex. think sister, think… I don’t wish her ill will just to think about others first, start there…