Life as an Illegal Immigrant in Greece

Vice News sends Alex Miller to Greece to cover the current situation for immigrants in search for a better life, they assume a European country such as Greece would hold better prospects for them and their families but hat they find upon arrival is very different. Most of the immigrants are refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria and Afghanistan but they find themselves stuck in a country that is not only battling and economic crisis but a rise in anti-immigrant violence.

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  1. iam surprised this documentary doesn’t mention the history greece has with different nationalities including eradicating them, it is also apparent that a typical view given from a western British accent outsider to take a one sided approach as though brittan has perfect migrant situation.

  2. This is not a documentary, this is propaganda, as we’re used to these days from VICE. Funny, too, how VICE is always brave to keep the camera rolling when it’s their enemy du jour who commands them to stop filming, but they immediately comply when their supposedly cuddly and nonviolent immigrants start threatening them.