Life At Any Price

Two-thirds of the world’s women live in countries where abortion can be obtained for a variety of social, economic or personal reasons. In other nations it is allowed only in cases of rape, foetal abnormality or when a woman’s life is at risk.

But El Salvador bans abortion in all circumstances and criminalises women suspected of procuring one, along with those believed to have been complicit in the process. In some cases, suspects have been charged with murder.

Are El Salvador’s abortion laws endangering some women’s lives while putting others behind bars? Al Jazeera sent filmmakers Sarah Spiller and Camilla French to find out why.

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  1. This is so sad what these women are going through, almost unbelievable that a misscarriage or abortion can put you in jail for sometimes 50 years. Unbelievable that the church is so invested in putting faith above wellbeings of these women. Things really do need to change!

  2. Notice its just women in El Salvador, speaking up and demonstrating.
    They are very brave.
    My heart goes out to the women who were only “guilty” of suffering a miscarriage.
    If doctors and politicians (males) would speak up, things would change.