Life of Oceans

It covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and holds the very key to a life within its silent shadowy depths.  Prepare to dive the depths of our ocean to experience its awesome beauty and extraordinary power in our stunning new four-part series Life of Oceans.  Each breathtaking episode brings to life a vast, interconnected ecosystem: from the diversity and significance of microscopic plankton, to the sleek power of top aquatic predators.

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  1. This documentary is more about over-fishing and submersibles, than it is about deep sea species and ecology. It minimally explores the same species as every other deep sea doc. For me, the last 2 minutes on parenting behaviour in squids was the only new learning opportunity. This film missed its mark.

  2. Mark, i wasn’t sure if i was hearing things but you cleared that up. Good doc.

  3. Why does the stupid narrator insist on calling the Mariana trenchy the marinara trench?! Marinara goes on pasta!