Life: Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptilians survive from the age of the Saurians, but if many look Ancient that’s because their early and sometimes relatively recent adaptations to widely varied conditions worldwide still work admirably. Examples include lizards like the giant Komodo dragon, still top-dog on his Indonesian island, the feared crocodilian hunters, color-changing chameleons and snake species fitted for most (warm) ecosystems. The same goes for amphibians, including numerous specialized (tree) frogs and toads. Both groups are cold-blooded, hence vulnerable while warming up.

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  1. Should be tagged as not in english??

  2. haa gay snake!

  3. I understand the crew though, watching the poor buffalo dying of his wounds, seeing the pain… Must be really hard to not go in and either heal or shoot it, to end the misery.
    Great documentary though, beautiful imagery!

  4. attenborough deserves his own tag/category