Lil Wayne: The Carter

An in-depth look at the artist Dwayne LIL’ WAYNE Carter Jr, proclaimed by many as the “greatest rapper alive” With comprehensive and personal interviews with Lil’ Wayne, this film will also feature insight from those that know him best. The world will finally get to know the history surrounding one of the most prolific artists of this generation.

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  1. *SORRY THIS VIDEO DOES NOT EXIST* He succeeded in having this documentary removed bcuz it was too revealing! Sounds like it revealed his true douchbaggery and true arrogant self


  3. Hes arrogant when it comes to his fans. WE are the ONLY reason stars like him are STARS in the first place. If you remove us from the equation, then there are no “Super-stars’. His arrogance is amusing but frustrating to real musicians, people who know they can play the guitar because they actually can, not because everyone sucks up to you and makes you believe youre good at something your really not good at( in reference to his absolutely HORRIBLE guitar playing. Also he uses a ghostwriter for his more popular songs, so hes not that special. Alot of rappers use ghostwriters, its sad.

  4. Fuck people love to hate him, not many people can rap like him, he may be arrogant but you would be too if you came from nothing to where he is.

  5. Possibly some of the worst rapping i have ever heard. “if you go platinum it’s got nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck” – Immortal Technique

  6. you haters are his biggest fans! how u gonna clown on wayne ..really?

  7. Wow! I though it was only his music I didn’t like but this doc gave me a whole new insight into things I find repulsive about whatever-his-name

  8. What a load of sh*te, he sounded better when he was doing Bling Bling and drop it like it’s hot, he just sounds appalling, looks appalling, talks appalling and probably smells appalling.

  9. I’m not a lil wayne fan, but this was a good documentary. It really exposed him.

  10. theres nothing real about this little weasel

  11. Got only one word for this guy: CLOWN
    On the other hand, people are buying this – so who’s wrong?

  12. Yeh what the fucks this waste doing on here. 

  13. this goof is the leader when it comes to stupid rap. what a disgrace to the real hip hop fans and artists who enjoy real substance behind music as opposed to music about money, cars and bitches a true contributor to the ultimate downfall of mank kind. I see a Nicki Minaj one is on here as well… may Allah have mercy on us all.

  14. Money for nothing and your chicks for free. I must be an idiot because I went to college, got a degree and I don’t have a suitcase full of money or a liter of Vicodin cough syrup. Jesus, this is what makes millions?

  15. “the greatest rapper alive”.. Biggest lie on the face of the planet. Go fuck yourself Dwayne and thanks for contributing to the death of real hip-hop.

  16. I thought I heard Cher singing “Do you belieeebe in lipe abter love, abter lub, abter lub, lub”?  Or was Lil Wanker using Auto-Tune for pitch correction, too?

  17. This guys a f*ckin joke and a complete disgrace to the Hip Hop community. Back stepping the years of social work and justice that community was fighting for – Corporate Hip POP; helping to overlook artists such as Black Dove, Killah Priest, Dutch Anonymous, Murs, Jon Connor Treach, Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique, etc, who’re a voice for the people and a new age of enlightenment

  18. Just another corporate pawn piece for the music industry to pry millions out of kids,  no talent, just massive PR and marketing aimed at telling the youth what is cool today…..and since when are self promotional videos documentaries?…..wake me up when this genre of music stops talking about “fucking white bitches and killing niggas for money” goes to show you the lowness this industry is willing to go for the sake of paying the mortgage off there mansions ….. teaching kids that being a “Gangster” is cool now are we?….. Ughh…..

  19. De eVolution at best. Lil Waynker. This guys famous, that means were all screwed.