Living With Nomads: Siberia

Television presenter Kate Humble sets out on a journey to north Siberia in order to discover what life is like for the Nenets, a group of nomads who spend their lives migrating with the seasons as they herd reindeer up and down the Yamal Peninsula.

With temperatures that can drop to -54C it is without a doubt an extremely tough environment to survive in and we see these extremes take there toll on Kate and her crew almost immediately as their vehicle breaks down en route to meeting the Nenets.

The Nenets have managed to live in this extreme environment for centuries but now they are starting to be faced with new threats: changing weather patterns, linked to climate change, are decimating their herds, and the global gas industry is mining the tundra, damaging pasture and blocking the Nenets’ migration routes.

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  1. interesting location and people but the BBC undertones are unpalatable as usual