Living on Mars

The notion of bringing Mars to life – transforming a cold, dry, uninhabitable desert into a living planet – is called terraforming, it has been around for almost a century. Initially just a science fiction concept, it has become a subject of serious scientific investigation.

Recent discoveries of rocks and minerals found by the Mars rovers show it must once have had warmer, habitable living conditions. Now, using photorealistic CGI visualizations, we’ll make a science fiction dream of Mars – a world of trees, rivers and blue skies – a plausible future, bringing it to life after three and a half billion years in a deep freeze.

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  1. Now that global warming is already starting to trash the global economy no-one is going to have the spare cash to try to colonise Mars. We’ll be lucky if we survive on Earth.

  2. Link is broken outside of the US…seriously check your links before posting that crap. 90% of the world lives OUTSIDE of the damn USA…

  3. The use of metric system and celsius instead of fahrenheit would have been a pro.

  4. Colonization of Mars does not make sense because it takes lots of rocket propellant to land on Mars, and even more to launch cargo form Mars into outer space. It is much cheaper and more convenient to mine wet asteroids and make orbital greenhouses near them.

    • Have some faith. We’re getting closer and closer to making this a possibility. With the way technology has advanced in the past 10 years or so we’re well on our way there. It might be cheaper and more convenient to mine asteroids and make greenhouses near them, but look at it this way. Would you rather live in a nice home that’s 15 minutes out of town, or would you prefer a 200 year old crack house with half a roof, no heat and in the town centre because it’s cheaper and more convenient?

      Now of course I’m sure we’ll have a few practice runs with the moon, but ultimately we will move to Mars and begin there. I say we’ll most likely send man to Mars within the next 20-50 years, and have Mars somewhat colonized in 100 years