Living with Michael Jackson

Living with Michael Jackson is a Granada Television documentary, in which British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson over a span of eight months, from May 2002 to January 2003. It was shown first in the United Kingdom on ITV (as a Tonight special) on 3 February 2003 and in the United States three days later on ABC, introduced by Barbara Walters.[1]

Martin Bashir put the proposal to Jackson as a way to show the world the truth about him and “make nothing off limits.” Jackson’s decision to make the documentary was made on a suggestion by his close friend Uri Geller. It later emerged that Geller had turned down another ‘bid’ for the interview by journalist Louis Theroux. The interview was very unusual, as it had been extremely rare for Jackson to allow such access to his personal life, or to talk so freely about his traumatic childhood. Nevertheless, he did show some reserve when asked to discuss other personal issues, such as the plastic surgery he had allegedly had. The documentary contained much commentary by Mr. Bashir which was very critical of Jackson.

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    The above is another documentary about how THIS one was a complete crock of shit. Check it out.

  2. Martin Bashir told the TRUTH!!

  3. Wow. What sensationalist B.S.
    This is a disgusting interview. Martin Bashir deceitfully negatively portrayed Michael. Ugh
    I wish Louis Theroux had done it instead. What a nasty man I hope he feels guilty.

  4. MJ is the king of all kings. and that ofcourse comes with haters.

    your opinion doesn’t matter and/or influence the world anymore…

    it’s sad but true, that only after he died, alot of people came to realise what kind of man MJ really was.

    we got to thank the media for that.

    haters, find a job/hobby/whatever.. just do something else with your time.. nobody cares about you.

  5. Michael Jackson was condemned as a pedophile, until he died. Then people praised hime. Great Video

  6. Michael Jackson was condemned as a pedophile, until he died. Then people praised hime. Great Video

  7. Very interesting but the quality is very poor, thats a shame.

    • See, the problem with this documentary is that Bashir stepped outside the role of true journalist and into the role of sensationalist. He knew that by using editing techniques and adding commentary after the fact, he would be able to make a storyline that would gain more attention. Michael Jackson, the weirdo, is/was more interesting than Michael Jackson, the person. A documentary was made using the footage from cameras put in place by Michael’s own people. While he provided the footage, he did not have any editorial say in what went into the documentary. To see a more realistic and fair rendition of what happened during the Bashir interviews, you can watch this video: