Living Without Laws: Slab City, USA

Slab City, also just knows as The Slabs, is a one of kind community. It might be one of the only places in the United States where laws and regulations aren’t enforced. Attracting Vietnam Veteran, homeless people, and other drifters, its residents have built a society that works in its own special way. This documentary takes you into the world of these “Slabbers” and shows that even though their community has problems with drugs and poverty, they still have a functioning society where its residents can live in relative peace.

The lifestyle they lead might not be for everyone but there is still plenty to learn from this eclectic group of Slab City residents.

If you were driving by, would you take some time to visit The Slabs and check it out for yourself?

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  1. you guys should go to skatopia!

  2. I thought it was stimulating in that it inspires others to do their own thing and let others do theirs.  It shows you can even have a peaceful society among such fringe types.  For a certain stage of development it might be perfect.  How can we be the judge?  I identify with those who blaze their own trails.  I lived alone in the wilds for 8 years and they were the best years of my life.  However, I did pick up after myself:)

  3. This had the potential to be a great little documentary, however there was little worth watching to be honest. I had hoped to hear some insights from those who had lived there a long time, their experiences and thoughts about this life style, perhaps something about the future of this land they live upon. I would have thought that there would be those who might be growing their own food and cultivating the land to suit but all I saw was dust and a water hole. I am left wondering if there is more to this place which is why this doc. is not to my liking, I am left with far too many questions.

    • I’ve watched this before, it’s actually a small series. I think there is at least another 2-3 episodes so this 1st one is really just a long intro.

  4. They got a better car than I do. Howz that possible.

    • The spelling and grammar is a good indication that you don’t have a high paying job, so my theory is if you had a better job you’d have a better car.  Just a thought, though.

  5. These people may not lead a life you admire, but they invite you in to their home and take the time to talk with you (so you can make your documentary) and then you call them “plain old fucking weirdos” once you’re back in your little studio, doing voice overs?!
    Do you think you have to be insulting in order to be cool? How pathetic. Grow up, dude.

  6. i think i’d get a bit bored maybe. i like it tho.

  7. …Not to mention indoctrinated lifestyle.
    Shouldn’t you be in bed? You got work in the morning… slave.

  8. No, instead we should incessantly look for our happiness among material goods, ignorantly live our lifes out, questing only for more profitable gain rather than understanding our selfs as well others… City living isn’t filthy? Probably one of the biggest cesspoosl on the planet.

  9. there is nothing profound about living in the desert in your own filth and doing drugs.

  10. Livin’ the dream.

  11. ill stick to civilization

  12. they need to get a damn job

    • So do you think they sit around all day and just somehow life works for them to survive????????

      Think about it, they are there for a reason. They wish to be there. Survival, is their 9-5. They are a burden to nobody but themselves, unlike your uneducated comment.