Locked Up Warriors

Although New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the entire world, it happens to have one of the highest imprisonment rates as well, falling in second highest in the western world. Not only is there such a high imprisonment rate but half of the jailed people are indigenous Maori. However, Maori only make up 15% of New Zealand’s population. In the last two decades the jail population has doubled. Prisoners cost on average $94,000 each to lock up and though it seems this is New Zealand’s way to act “tough on crime” as is done across western nations, New Zealands crime rates have always been low. So, is this a sustainable method to keep up? Also, why is it that the indigenous Maori make up such a large portion in prison compared to outside prison? Maori people say it has become the norm to know someone who is currently locked up and it is almost expected to have a chance at being locked up. This is due to the children of those in jail being left so vulnerable to fall into the lifestyle of young offenders. There is a high rate of child poverty, school dropout, unemployment and family breakdown in indigenous communities.

Many young Maori are drawn into American-style street gangs and left with a gap between them and their heritage. Programs for those in prison have been set up to try to connect the Maori with their roots by practicing the traditional warrior dance the Haka. However, it is clear these don’t have the needed effect and the prisoners need to be able to communicate with the outside by being placed there and involved in projects close to their roots. New Zealand government are introducing new programs but is it worth it to keep their punishment so harsh?

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  1. Cmu its funny becouse theres only one person/or people to blame and thats us,but in realerty its the gaverment.the gaverment startd somethink they could not handle and now its out of control. Thats why one persons thinking about atheres and one persons thinkinng about them selfs,but people must rememmber we have the power so use it?

  2. The problem is life doesn’t mean life. Ten years for murder is outrageous. Never mind teaching them hakas and shit, to stop them re-offending keep them in prison.

  3. Ahh not completely right. My father is Maori and he has taught me to be honest, hard working and not to break the law so @Jay not all people fall in to the steriotypical “maori” families. I was raised well! My father never ever hit me, (back when you could smack your children) never was abused and to be honest I was and still am (at the age of 21 without children might I add) spoilt rotten. He never neglected me or my siblings and never had anything to do with gangs. I have qualifications and work full time. And never had trouble with the law. So I feel your comment was harsh. Yes that happens, but it happens in all families even white families. Sadly more of my caucasian friends to have been raped or had abusive homes then I do Maori friends. From the term “wigger” where did that come from? because they were trying to be something their not. Everyone does. Not saying that all Maoris were raised the same as me, but not all were raised by what you have pictured in your head.

  4. Maori families are to blame. Many kids grow up in violent, abusive, neglectful homes. These things you can take responsibility for. Rather than blaming a society, take responsibility for your own behaviour and parenting. There are plenty of disadvantaged groups in our society who do not show the same statistics. Being good role models for your kids is a good motivation to make a change. To care for your kids and love them is what will change how these kids grow up, and if they enter the justice system. All inmates I have talked to had a similar story of abuse and neglect as a kid. It is not about money. Lots of poor cultures love and care for their kids.

    • I take offence to that in a BIG WAY! Who are you to know how Maori are raised and that is their own fault. Get a grip on yourself, such an open veiw cast on all Maori families. I was never raised like that, abuse and such and neither were my children. Yet some of my family erred but came right and settled into lovely adults. ALL INMATES were raised in abusive homes I find hard to believe, but ok if that is your opinion, can I ask where and HOW you got to talk to Maori Inmates on the inside?

  5. Its been like that since I can remember doing my mothers Essays with her wen she was attending Uni?

  6. Sad reality that the needs of Maori are over powered by a patriarchal system of law and status, leading to Maori being corrupted into believing a tattoo to gang affiliations is more powerful than that of their whakapapa, where a life of crime as a power is more paramount and powerful than the love and care they have for their whanau. Prison is a punishment, which they need to pay but in reality not the cure, for any inmate serving time. It is time to look at our laws, and make positive changes to stop reoffending, think outside laws that are obviously not working and create new laws and systems that are going to work

    The summary is correct. Look at the list, New Zealand maybe 74th on the list worldwide but it is the second on the list in the Western world.
    Why was this deleted the first time?

    The summary is correct. Look at the list, New Zealand maybe 74th on the list worldwide but it is the second on the list in the Western world.
    Why was this deleted the first time?

  9. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”

    • The summary is correct. Western world does not mean Western hemisphere. While New Zealand is 74th in the world, it is second in the Western world.

    • Actually your link proves it to be true though New Zealand is 74th on the list it is still only the second in the “western world” like the summary states. The term “Western” is derived from Western European civilization and basically means white people. This includes Germany, Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, UK, Portugal, Iceland, Canada, US, Australia, and New Zealand amongst others. Western Civilization is used to describe societies and nations with theological, political, and usually racial commonalities. It actually dates back to the Greeks and Romans. This is common knowledge.