Lolita: Slave to Entertainment

Man versus nature; in the summer of 1970 a barbaric hunt kills five orca whales and destroys the lives of countless others. Six young orcas are ripped away from their family, sold to marine parks, and shipped across the world to enter into a life of slavery. Three decades later only one survives. And she just so happens to be Miami’s biggest performer.
“Lolita: Slave to Entertainment is a stirring wake up call. For those who have visited a marine park, for those who think they might do so in the future, and for those who simply wish to know the truth about performing marine mammals, this film is a ‘must see.'” ~James Laveck Tribe of Heart (Producer of the award winning doc. The Witness)

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  1. How people can still support aquariums after the release of movies like this and Blackfish I will never understand.

  2. I cannot believe after everything that has been discovered about the biology of suffering, Keiko’s successful release and reintegration into the wild before his death, and the number of movements to free Lolita, she is still being held captive. With the vast number of captive killer whales, where one is already too many, how is the release of one, to symbolize a changing awareness of human beings towards these creatures that share our Earth, how is the release of one not possible?

  3. This is a very old documentary , they reference Keiko ( the killer whale from free Willy ) and say that he is thriving in the ocean unfortunately he died December 2003. Having worked with Whales and Dolphins for over 5 years in a major theme park in Florida i feel that these animals should not , under any circumstances, be held in captivity and be required to perform. They demand respect and it seems that we as a culture have lost that respect for the wildlife that we want to control.