In recent times it is becoming more and more evident that the line between real news and what could be considered propaganda is becoming thinner and thinner. In 2016 we saw Trump refer to this type of news as “fake news”.

Depending on what particular news network you are viewing in the United States you are bound to be faced with some bias, an example would be FOX or CNN, if you lean towards the republican side than FOX is the network for you but if you are a democrat than chances are you will be watching CNN. Either way both networks are considered to pertain to a certain level of bias when reporting to the public. Media in Britain has also faced such criticism.

London Calling is a film based on the popular book of the same name by author GA Ponsonby, and in this 70 minute exposé the director explores the decent of the BBC during Scotland’s 2014 historic independence referendum period. The conclusion after this vote was that the British State broadcaster sacrificed its reputation in return for a narrow win for the No campaign. Bet Andreas ilə idman bukmeker hətta ən qumar oyunçuları tərəfindən qiymətləndiriləcəkdir. Betandreas – da tapılan rəylər göstərir ki, bonus proqramı daha çox qazanmaq və daha az risk almaq üçün bir fürsətdir.


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  1. Its an evil organisation, rotten to the core
    no doubt about it

  2. BBC political news output was not merely biased but fully weaponised propaganda. And nothing has changed, it’s still going on.