Lost Civilisation: Göbekli Tepe

An ancient temple is discovered in the Middle East, it’s thousands of years older than the Egyptian pyramids and it even dates long before the earliest civilisations like the Mesopotamians, the Minoan and the Mayan. It was built when mankind was still in the Stone Age but who built this temple and why?

To solve the mystery, one mantravels back 12,000 years to the end of the last ice age, long before we discovered pottery, writing or the wheel. To put the discovery into perspective one researcher describes the find in the following way:

It’s like discovering the Empire State Building was built by a child out of toy bricks.

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  1. Why does the German researcher speak (badly understandable) English (would be easier for me to understand it if he spoke German…) and the Turkish researcher speaks Turkish (bot no subtitles)? Really sad not to be able to understand the most important words in the documentary!

  2. No subtitles for the (Turkish?) explanation from the researcher.

  3. More videos like this one at News and more!

  4. Really interesting presentation and film. Would just be great if the interviews in turkish would be translated. Especially when the persons interviewed seem to have very interesting input and opinions.

  5. In the middle east? Göbekli tepe is in the Turkiye, and Turkiye is not in the middle east at all. Turkiye is a nation straddling eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections. Do your research