Lost Nuke

Examine the mystery of the 1950 crash off the B.C. coast of a U.S. Air Force bomber carrying a nuclear bomb; the Air Force’s official version of events does not fit with the actual location where the crashed plane was found.

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  1. If these documentaries are blocked or removed then why don’t you just remove them from your list and make life easier for your viewers and critics…

  2. Nuclear weapons and nuclear power area huge mistakes that mankind will eventually unanimously acknowledge.

  3. Hello there I very much liked reading your thoughts. I’m thinking about writing my own blog as well Best Wishes.

  4. Standard protocol to destroy an aircraft.

  5. Now it is finally clear that something is not right in the hands of the big guys in Washington! How would Washington feel about this!

  6. Do you see the the fiies? What a bunch of bollocks this is? It is all set up for a simple reason. We saw an airplane in the mountainsa, that almost killed us but it never did. Crapp for babies!