The Lost Tomb Of Jesus

The most famous death in history is the death of Jesus of Nazareth. 2,000 years ago in first century Jerusalem he was crucified by the Romans, the Gospels tell us he was buried in a tomb and two days later Marry Magdalene one of his closest disciples found the tomb empty.

But according the Gospel of Mathew there was another story circulating after Jesus’s death and though gospel calls it a lie it was rumoured that Jesus’s disciples secretly took their masters body, presumably to give him a permanent burial. If this is true, according to first century burial practices in Jerusalem Jesus’s body would have been taken to a rock human family tomb.

Given that he was crucified for insurrection the reburial would have been done in secret by his closest disciples. His body would have been shrouded and left to decompose, one year later his disciples would have returned joined by his family for the final burial ceremony where he would have been placed inside a family tomb forever.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus makes a case that the 2,000-year-old “Tomb of the Ten Ossuaries” is in fact this tomb.

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  1. Looking for a mysterious tomb or grave…, you’re always going to find just bones/remains. But to look for a Man who was the Son of God, who resurrected from the dead & appeared to 500 witnesses(historical record)…, you can believe as
    you wish. But keep this fact in mind…, Jesus said that he will return to earth like He
    ascended from someday…,

  2. عیسی مسیح توسط خداوند به آسمانها برده شد این فیلم ساختگی میباشد توسط فراماسونی

  3. I have never left a comment on any site. EVER ! I have become “a fan”??? of Simcha Jacobovichi in as much
    as I have developed a deep respect for his driven research. This documentary does nothing to change a
    great deal of what I have come to learn from other sources since I became a pilgrim back in 2009.
    None of what I have learned has diminished my faith in GOD nor my deep respect and faith for yeshua
    bar yoseph, and/or how history and the Roman priesthood, which userped that which the sol incictus worshiper Constantine allowed to become accepted within the roman empire.

  4. You are lucky Israel Government didnt bomb the site..

  5. Another sad story to try to discredit the Resurrection. No basis in reality. Everyone gets a chance to not believe in Jesus… for a little while.

    • No basis in reality?
      Did you not even watch, or perhaps simply failed to understand anything.
      What has no basis in reality is jesus loftily drifting into the sky – nor talking snakes.

  6. Besides the Bible itself, there is Little to NO EVIDENCE of a Jesus, let alone a tomb he was buried in. A simple Google search would debunk the story, thus destroying this documentary’s premise. Sorry, but this gets a 1-star.

    • When someone tries to solidify their argument with “A quick google search” you know they mean business hahaha. That is a sad way to try and discredit a faith. Get real education bud. I spent the first 35 years fighting the bible. Then I did proper research and gave it a chance, and realized how wrong I had been.

      And do some “real research” by that I mean spend hours learning how the bible came together, learn the bible itself from someone who properly knows how to speak Greek so you get the true meaning, not an interpreted incorrectly version. I strongly suggest you spend the 100 hours it takes to properly learn The Book of Revelation so you can properly understand the point of Jesus and his prophecy.

      It would do you well to educate yourself on the Old Testament also, so you can understand why Christs Resurrections is so important. It was said it would all happen generations before it all very accurately came true. Then research the many biblical historians that have speeches and documentaries out that can show you exactly where the proof that Jesus existed is.

      To think you can “quick google search” proof of faith is exactly why you don’t understand it. And you have to understand Faith to believe in Faith. Not religion, as Jesus also does not care for everything about religion. Christian faith. Learning that difference is what made me change my opinion after 35 years of fighting the bible. Good Luck and God Bless!

    • Untrue, Jesus is mention in at least these extra biblical (non Christian) writings.

      Tacitus- Annals 15.44
      Pliny the Younger (AD 112)
      Josephus- in his JEWISH ANTIQUITIES
      the Babylonian Talmud
      And – Lucian of Samosata

    • Jesus was a man and did exist. He was not what religion made him out to be. Christians believe he told them that they would go to hell if they did not accept him. Christians also believe that everyone born before jesus went to hell. That is all BS. When jesus walked the earth, everyone was ignorant and illiterate. Unfortunately, they still are.

      • All those born before Jesus did go to hell, but if you learned the books properly you would learn that they were safe in the bosom of Abraham, waiting for Jesus to come and release their sin. There was a great divide between those being tortured and judged in hell and those that were with Abraham.

        Christians also know Jesus was not a religious man, Christianity is a faith, so they would never make him out to be religious. And if you do not accept Jesus, you will go to hell. You have to accept Jesus to get to God. To red The Bible and not understand that means you need to re read the bible. It will explain to you how those that just dont know any different will get their chance after death to accept him still. The book of Revelation teaches this all very well in detail

      • Lol you obviously are not very intelligent if you think that

      • Christians do NOT believe that everyone before Jesus went to hell. The Bible is clear about this, Jesus changed the way that people get to heaven.