The Lottery Liar

This is the incredibly strange tale of Howard and his wife Kathy Walmsley, you see one day back in the late 90’s Howard told Kathy a little lie, he claimed to have won an £8.9 million jackpot on the British National Lottery and Kathy believed him. As a result the two went on a shopping spree, buying fast cars, a dream home and a lifestyle fit for a multi-millionaire but it was all one big deception as Howard hadn’t actually won a single penny.

The film was created with the full cooperation of the couple and as a result we gain exclusive access to interviews with the pair and learn of just how ridiculous this whole thing was as Howard managed to deceive not only his wife but also family, friends and their bank manager.

As a result of this lie Howard was later sentenced to three years in prison for fraud but Kathy pledged to stand by her man regardless. Howard claims that the whole lie was conjured up in order to save his marriage, the story is both hilarious but pitifully sad. If you are interested in reading more about lottery numbers, make sure to visit this page . At they explain in depth about the subject. Featuring the couple’s own videos and stills of their celebration party, their holiday to the Canaries and their first visit to their dream home this documentary is an amazing watch.

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  1. January 2024 update: He has since changed his name (John Eric Wells and also was going by the names Howard Walmsley and Howard Hemmings) disappeared in 2019 after conning women out of their life savings, and is believed to be living/hiding out in Vietnam.


  2. That fella needs imprisoned for several years, and his ass beat while in prison. What a dumb ass. I know one person who is like this…pretending to be someone they are not…trying to be like others. You have to earn what you want in life. You are who you are. Twisted, criminal minds