Louis Theroux: By Reason of Insanity

Here is Louis Theroux latest documentary which is two parts and see’s him immerse himself in the world of mental health by paying a visit to Ohio’s maximum security state psychiatric hospitals and meeting people who are there for committing crimes, some of which were horrifically violent in nature carried out whilst in the grip of severe mental illness. Within the first 2 minutes of watching we encounter a man by the name of Jonatan, who openly discusses the reason he is in such a facility, for cutting his own fathers throat.

How Louis manages to disarm those he interviews and leave them with dignity intact is an art in itself and this becomes very clear as we witness him interviewing those deemed clinically insane. In part two of this series Theroux meets up with Dean, a 25 year old young adult who had sexually assaulted his mother when he was 18. The doctors diagnosed him with bipolar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, manipulative, on top of his childhood attention deficit and oppositional defiance disorders. This two part documentary is one of Louis’ finer ones and is most certainly worth the watch.

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