Louis Theroux: Most Hated Family in America

The Most Hated Family in America is a TV documentary written and presented by the BBC’s Louis Theroux about the family at the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church.

At the heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), headed by Fred Phelps and based in Topeka, Kansas. It runs the website GodHatesFags.com,[1] and GodHatesAmerica.com, and other websites expressing condemnation of LGBT, Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, and other groups. The organization is monitored by the Anti-Defamation League,[2] and classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[3][4] The group has achieved national notice because of its picketing of funeral processions of U.S. soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The church bases its work around the belief expressed by its best known slogan and the address of its primary website, “God hates fags”, and expresses the opinion, based on its Biblical interpretation, that nearly every tragedy in the world is God’s punishment for homosexuality – specifically society’s increasing tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. It maintains that God hates homosexuals above all other kinds of “sinners”[5] and that homosexuality should be a capital crime.[6]

Louis Theroux stated that the Phelpses are the most extreme people he has ever met.[7]

Directed by: Geoffrey O'Connor

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  1. how many of the ‘funerals’ were some variety of staged events ?

    where’s WBC on the now undeniable –exposed – -fact – – of staged ‘reality’ ?
    including much about the 9–11 take down kick off ?

    in 2021 – those with seeing eyes are asking.

  2. selling the climate change hoax craft ? – -way back then ? – -with known spook – -‘Thorough’ ?

    and awful short measure on such fundamental abominations as inter–generational USURY – –
    talking images – — and the witch craft of ‘pharma’ – -?

    and look what those who fled the WBC are currently promoting – -even as you
    strap that diaper of –final– submission across your still silent faces – – ?

    and NO clarification of terms ? – – as in Jesus was – -Judean – -and that the term jew
    is itself erroneous – –

    there is Judah and the house of IS REAL — and there is Esau Edom – –

    again – -a mass Medea set up – -inter-generationally —

    again – -USURY INTEL – -and its ever controlled – -black washing – -opposition.

  3. Simply put just BAD GENETICS! “Gramps” should have been castrated at birth. One thing though, poor gramps seems to suffer serious nasty hemorrhoids. Speed bumps eh old man?

  4. UH – – – better spend some quality time with the research of Miles MATHIS online

    Understand, cross the spectrum of everything you are given by Intel RUN mass Medea
    – – – you are dealing with ‘conflict creation’ ops.

    The grand daddy of ALL these ops in America was the Salem witch trials which
    have now emerged as 100% FAKE and staged by world mafia and slave holders
    from Barbados to get the silly Puritans out of the way in old BOSTON.

    ESSENTIAL background

    ——————– – – Miles MATHIS online – – – 2016’s least limited hangout – – ——————-

  5. It is difficult to get positive feedback in large quantities, so I suppose this insane behavior is one easy way to get tons of negative attention. Those church members are probably simply attention whores, nothing more, nothing less. If everyone just ignored them and didn’t host them on television and whatnot they would be so lost. Seeing how each one of them smiles as they insult homosexuals and tell people they are headed for hell just radiates how much fun they are having.

  6. “youre admitting that what youre doing when you say you are gay is sinning” hell fuckin yeah i am but does it look like i give a shit whether im sinning or not if it alters the level of my happiness and self-comfort????

  7. Ban Religon set world free

  8. Do this work on cromecast

  9. And it all still based on fear…
    Nothing new since inquisition times…

  10. unfortunately what she is saying is correct and there will be alot of NICE people in hell and all bibles tell you that,homosexuality is a sin and there is no sin greater than the next so allowing people to have same sex marriages is a doomed place and those involved. Sorry but the gates of hell are far and wide and the gates to heaven or the other life very few will enter, that is why you should try your best to be the best you and serve your god correctly. They may not like what she is saying but that is tough and its unfortunate but by no means are these people sin free themselves, we were born into sin.

  11. Holy Shit, over 1600 comments!

  12. Obviously is too late for the older people involve in this cult, but for those young girls and boys, WHAT A WASTE OF LIFE!!!

  13. I’ve watched documentary on many horrific things, such as cannibalism, mutilation, murder, and other horrendous acts. As a psychotherapist have heard many terrible disturbing stories and severe mental illness. This, however, was one of THE MOST disturbing things I have ever seen. A great job done by the BBC, and despite what “Gramps” says this reporter was an absolute gem. Completely worth the watch.

  14. You almost want to believe in God just so he can reject this cult of a family

  15. isolation, deprivation, and control as you can see here

  16. bruhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. You should go to hell for wishing it upon others who have done Nothing wrong to you!

  18. Watched the end of it. I have a good idea,why don’t we make them all die. They clearly love being pleasured over people’s deaths,if they keep spreading this message of theirs. It would be such a orgasmic commemoration for them since they’re surrounded by the deaths of their peers and loved ones,wouldn’t it just be like what their God would have wanted? Obviously I’m skewing what they’re saying,but to see what they’re doing,is mine going to make it worse?

  19. Well crap,I’m a Buddhist and was born one. Suppose I’ll go to hell eh? It’d just be as unfair as going to some other obscure religion you didn’t know the name or where it was from,and their God still banished you to their hell because you weren’t born into their religion. I don’t even know what the fuck the gospel is and I’m gonna go to hell for that!?

  20. Well,CLEARLY,I can’t ever see the reason in people not liking you when you tell them to go to hell,hate fags,say everything about America is wrong and doomed (I mean there are problems,they’ve just hit the ball curve so far I can’t see it even if I wanted to in their misdirection) shout at the dead soldier’s family saying the most idiotic of slurs. I don’t see why at all.

  21. What an abomination to God. The Phelps have broken so many commandments. They need to read what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 about loving and blessing your enemies, do not judge, love the sinner but hate the sin and call no man a fool (as Louis was called) just to name a small few. They themselves will find out just how much they have sinned and displeased God on their judgement day but unfortunately that doesnt stop them now. I call all christians to rise up in prayer against this evil group.

  22. sure she’s not lesbian? i mean she looks lesbian to me?

  23. What an ignorant C*nt!

  24. Love documentaries but the ads are really annoying and making the whole experience awful!

  25. I
    don’t usually make comments on these websites but I watched Louis Theroux, Most
    Hated Family in America last night. It
    made me feel very angry to see these people picketing funerals of men that have
    lost their lives protecting their right to have free speech and to worship in
    their chosen church. They seemed to find
    joy in conflict and hurting people, to me it doesn’t seem very Christian to be
    sadistic. I found it frustrating when Louis had anything
    constructive to say they called him stupid or silly because they couldn’t come
    up with an effective argument against his logic. I thought his patience with them was amazing
    especially when they kept talking over the top of him. My parents are Catholic and Anglican, they
    thought we had a right to choose our own religion when we were older. I feel privileged to have been given that freedom
    as I feel should be everyone’s right. Their
    young children don’t appear to have any real understanding of what they are
    doing and had to be prompted. They are putting them in the front line to be
    abused by others for their own personal views which is extremely sad. As for the younger women, at that age I
    thought I knew everything too, life can teach you some pretty rough lessons and
    a moral soap box is the hardest place to fall from. Personally if these people are what represent
    heaven I would rather take my chances and go to hell along with everyone else
    they imagine will.

  26. I have never been so pissed off. What a bunch of rude, ignorant, assholes. I wish that this “God” character would drop out of the sky and tell them all how misguided and foolish and pointless they all are. The only thing they do well is dodge questions and treat other people like garbage. Someone take those poor kids away.

  27. Religion should be practice behind closed doors because i have a right not to believe in religion just as much as anyone else has a right to do so. Why should i have to put up with seeing it nearly everyday on the news in the paper or on the internet or on the street.

    When as there ever been a war not associated with religion, Religion is all about anger and violence dating back to when the scriptures where written the proof is in the same book you have your faith in.

    This documentary clear shows how people twist words from the bible for their own ideology and it is seen in other religions.

    Why cant all you violent religious people do us all a favour as kill each other so the rest of us can live our lives in peace.

  28. I like how they are DEMOCRATS… that cracks me up. Fred Phelps the long-running Democrat candidate, the party that legalizes gay marriage. The guy was obviously getting gay sex all the time and hated himself.

  29. I think it is very sad what this church is doing but im also very sad that a lot of the comments are so hateful. Cant you see that by saying the people of the church are going to hell or that they are trailer trash or inbreeds that your only spreading more hate and lowering yourself to their level? The only way to counter hate is by spreading love.

    • they are inbreeds…. 11 children by shirley phelps and 70 total members of the church? Nearly half the kids leave at the legal age of 18? Where else are they going to breed? No one wants anything to do with them.

  30. If I went to these people kids high school when I was in high I wouldve tried to fuck them all lololol.

    • get them pregnant and see if abortion is okay because he’ll send the bastard baby to hell… hypocritical inbred idiots…. that’s the nicest way to put it

  31. Former mentor to AL GORE and JFK Jr

    Kennedy’s ‘GEORGE’ magazine ‘Man of the YEAR’

    Kansas 1960s civil rights pioneer – – – —–FRED PHELPS.

  32. I am a catholic, I believe in God, but I sin, like every body. That does not mean I am going to hell. God loves all his children. These people are damn idiots. I can’t even fathom how their minds work and how they think that this is what God wants. Those poor children are going to grow up thinking that this is what is right, and that its a good thing that people are dying and innocent peoples churches are burning down.

  33. Ironic how they have a child named “Gabriel.” 😀

  34. How has nobody killed them yet

  35. hell yea the 21 year old wants louie LOL

  36. Oh yeah and the 21 year old wanted louis jizz all over her tits

  37. I feel bad for the children

  38. If this guy actually would’ve known the Bible he wouldve been able to make a much better documentary and a much better argument against these Radicals. This is not Christianity no where in the Bible does it ever say that God hates anyone. He loves all of us. Homosexuality is a sin yes but all sin is equal and if you believe in Him he will save you, specifically says in the Bible that if you call upon his name and know that He is the one true God that He will forgive you. Also no where in their church service did Pastor Phelps even talk about the Bible.

  39. All I wanted was someone to ask them to prove their claims, because all they’re doing is taking someones whack statement and acting it out to be true without even seeing it for themselves. So, believing in something.

    They’re similar to Scientists who push theories to be true, like Darwin’s theory of evolution. He couldn’t prove it, hence why it is called a theory, yet some people take it as a actual fact.

    I don’t think some people fully understand the definition or the meanings of the words they’re using. I am learning everyday being someone who used to be very ignorant and a ‘know it all’ towards the language I speak.

    And where did I pick this attitude up form? Where we ALL have to attend under duress… school.

    Therefore, its not all their fault. The schooling system does great to teach people not to question anything… for instance, I’m sure all of us went through this. Teacher asks a question. You put your hand up, then answer. The answer turns out to be wrong, children start heckling you. And if you ask the teacher too many questions, they will either ignore you or tell you to be silent.

    So if you think about it, we have been going through this from the age of 6 – either your early 20’s or late teens. I don’t know about you guys, but this kind of creates a narrow minded person who is actually intended to conform to the Governments wishes, hence why we’re all in foreign debt and people still continue to think they’re ‘free’ and destroying the very place that sustains us for some paper that is actually worthless and not even ours. Its all privately owned. And this actually makes us all slaves.

    Wao, I completely went off topic to an extent haha.

    My point is… that they do not know what they’re doing and I don’t know why people are taking mental asylum escapees seriously.

    BBC here’s a topic. What is the Central Bank and who owns it? And is it true that they are above our laws and have created laws for themselves and have their own private law enforcement. Oh, and that almost every nation in the world is in debit to them, therefore making us the citizens slaves….

  40. Atheism = Freedom

  41. In his haste to try to “reach,” (hit on?) Jill Phelps, Louis missed the chance to talk to the people the church had shunned–Fred’s 3 other children, and the rest of them. Their perspective would have been much more valuable than another trip to Jill’s house to ask her out for a coffee. It was kind of pathetic when she said, “I see right through you, Louis–you’re a mocker and a scoffer.” Wasted opportunities because he was blinded by the pretty one.

    That said, still a courageous and pretty well-made doc. Even if Louis and the rest of us are going to hell.

  42. imagine if her son ended up gay

    • That would be too sad. No questioning that they’d shun him and have him be homeless. Even if they said they loved him.

  43. Interesting thing about hate… it eats away at the one that hates. It creates stress in the hater while the person that is hated goes on with life generally unaffected by that hate.
    Another interesting thing about hate is that it has the same opposite as love, which is indifference.
    Why would someone bother to hate anyone that they did not care about? Perhaps Phelps and clan have some other issues like fear of their own feelings regarding sexual interests? In my experience Gay haters are attracted to men but fear that feeling.

    That doesn’t mean that everyone that fears/hates gays is gay also…. but it does raise some questions about why they give a gay person so much power? So much power that they spend a unusual amount of energy and time thinking about gay lifestyle?

  44. As hateful and horrifying as their doctrine is, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should give two sh**s about this cult of 70 people with some signs. They’re a phenomenon because we make them one. Aaand here I am watching this documentary.

  45. Religion is as fucked on every side. Islam, jews and “protestants” are the same shit. Fucking kill yourselves please.

  46. Its just so sad how they teach their kids hate…child abuse at its best!

  47. Judge not…..:)

  48. I thought the last scene with the girl in the car was the most poignant and tragic. You can see in her face and her nervous laugh that she’s struggling with herself. She’s trying to bury the truth somewhere deep inside: she knows that there’s so much more to life than what she’s experienced in this prison of a family, but she’s terrified by the thought of abandoning the only people who have ever been kind to her. Her stories of trying to live a normal childhood when the outside world hates her are heartbreaking, and whenever Louis suggests she opens her mind she hides behind the religious rhetoric again to avoid appearing like a doubting sinner in front of her family. Such a beautiful, confident girl with her mind and life stolen away from her.

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