Louis Theroux: Savile

Over 15 years ago critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux made Jimmy Savile the subject of one of his When Louis Met… episodes. Theroux spent quite a bit of time with Savile for this project and even kept in touch afterwards, but in light of Savile’s unmasking as a sexual predatory Louis felt he had let himself down and his subject off the hook back in 2000 when the original film was released.

In an effort to right what he felt were wrongs Louis Theroux has now made a point of revisiting the subject, but this time with the clarity of hindsight. In this brutally honest film we see Louis examine the extent to which he should feel responsible for Jimmy Savile escaping exposure as a paedophile.

Talking with some of Savile’s victims and people who worked closely with him whilst also re-examining moments from the original film as well as footage never before aired on television we gain a far deeper insight into how not only Louis, but rather an entire nation was conned by the “entertainer” Jimmy Savile.


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