Louis Theroux: Survivalists

In Idaho, Louis meets military enthusiasts and right-wing patriots who are preparing for a global catastrophe, including trips to survivalists’ store Safetrek and a mountain refuge for conspiracy theorists called Almost Heaven. Louis also visits the Aryan Nation Church and helps to build a straw-bale home. The episode focuses on the survivalism movement and communities formed around it. The fact that several self-proclaimed survivalists were also hippies and environmentalists is a recurring theme. Louis spends time with groups of (mostly) politically extreme people in the North West of America. The focus is on families and groups (or a horrific neo-nazi church in one part) which believe in and prepare for a ‘New World Order’ – a very interesting and funny documentary.

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  1. new world order : really……..

  2. LT once again mocks people he abhors in his own British way.

  3. Louis Theroux is another tool the Jews and far lefts use to poison society with false hope, greed and corruption. I am FAR right and damn proud. US patriots are just Jew slaves.

  4. Now, decades later, with CHEM-trails choking the skies,
    tumor ‘friendly’ GMO saturating the market, and a blast
    furnace of weaponized surveillance and LETHAL frequencies
    ————–the ‘crazies’ not looking —quite so extreme.

    Meanwhile, THEROUX remains rutted with his TAVISTOCK
    scripted, ‘on board’, demoralization ops.

  5. This was great! But I knew it would be because I LOVE Louis. He can turn a very serious subject into something so hilarious and up-lifting. The only unpleasant moments were with the racists. Couldn’t stand ’em! Would love to know how all the people in this doc are doing in 2013.

  6. why does he mock them?

  7. Nazi bad.. Patriots GOOD!

  8. Here guys > This is a working vid I just found. (The others here are broken)

  9. I have to say that for the past few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

  10. As expected the producers and editors of this documentary like to pick little things up which they hope to leave a negative impression, but for the most part I think anyone who isn’t far-left would agree with these folks for wanting a safer, more free life as oppose to the cagey life more and more people are finding themselves in. I respect people’s views but maybe there should be more documentaries on people who contributed to 2011 protests on wall street and st pauls cathedral they too were against NWO and one world governments but because they have less conservative values they aren’t really the focus of this type of attention. I’d prefer it if people as whole realised it’s not about pitching arguments and rows between different spectrums of the political scale because both wings are controlled by money. So I think everyone should take part in this sort of thing and live decent honest lives instead of believing a decent honest life is somehow old fashioned and conservative instead of a moral justice to our lives. 

    •  I consider myself to be veeeery far to the left and agree/sympathise with a LOT (not all) of what some of these individuals have to say.

  11. the guy at the end was made to be in a louis theroux documentary.

  12. “Just so they can have a look round?”

  13. Bad link…this site is not that reliable.

  14. love Louis glasses 🙂


  16. This is the third Louis Theroux video that stops at episode 2.  Getting a little tired of this.

  17. stops at episode 2

  18. stops at episode 2

  19. stops at episode 2

  20. This is typical disinformation coming from the err.. the BBC.What can expect from the biggest news provider? More disinfo. I could very well do without that clown host, ridiculing the guests.

  21. It’s frustrating to see Louis clearly not take these people or this documentary seriously. Not that I’m saying I agree with their insanity, I’m just saying that as a documentarian he should be trying to understand them rather than just making fun of them.

  22. I tried watching this and it was blocked by BBC worldwide on copyright grounds!  Very disappointing.

  23. Parts 3-5 have been shutdown but you can find them here 

  24. We’re guessing, but we’d bet a good half of those figures are themselves
    government funded false fronts to characture genuine dissent.

    ALSO, key to remember, this was made before it came out PCs, cellphones
    etc. are surveillance and tracking devices —and before the police state grid
    a la the TSA was rolled out.

  25. Slightly misrepresentative, especially with the chip-in-hand thing: that does happen, people have had it done. Love Louie and his slightly mocking ways but although they say some stupid stuff here, a lot of it’s true.

  26. I’m at the part where Louis is in “Almost Heaven”. In all, I don’t think that the people living up there are wrong in what they feel. True, they may be over-anticipating a dictatorship arising in the near future, but I don’t think that they’re wrong to remove themselves from society in order to better protect their rights. They’re not harming anybody, and they’re well aware of their Constitutional rights, and there’s nothing wrong with defending them. They’re not out targeting government officials in an attempt to end this New World Order, they’re just living in a place where they feel safe, and they’re willing to defend what they believe in under the Constitution. There’s no real way to prove that their beliefs are wild and crazy, so you can’t exactly condemn them for choosing to move to a place that they feel safe in, like any person who feels threatened would do.

  27. When that guy who lived underground came walking over to Louis hole in the morning singing with his guitar I lol’d. Did ya’ll know that the Colonel no longer lives in ‘Almost Heaven’? Apparently now he lives in Nevada, just saying 🙂

  28. When that guy who lived underground came walking over to Louis hole in the morning singing with his guitar I lol’d. Did ya’ll know that the Colonel no longer lives in ‘Almost Heaven’? Apparently now he lives in Nevada, just saying 🙂

  29. When that guy who lived underground came walking over to Louis hole in the morning singing with his guitar I lol’d. Did ya’ll know that the Colonel no longer lives in ‘Almost Heaven’? Apparently now he lives in Nevada, just saying 🙂

  30. loved the ending

  31. Mike seemed like a pretty nice guy. Even though I’m sure we wouldn’t share some of the same views (him being right-wing), I’d hang out with the dude and help him build that house.

  32. This was made in 1997, I personally thought this was more recent.

  33. Louis has such a unique style of presenting, it’s so neat how he can draw nearly anyone in and get them to trust him completely.

    My favorite is the guy that lives in a hole in the ground. That looks so cold! I can’t imagine what kind of life experiences would lead anyone to want to live like that given the modern conveniences that we enjoy.

  34. Good documentary. Apart from the Aryans, they weren’t nearly as crazy as I thought.