Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

Louis Theroux spends time with a small and very committed subculture of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers. He discovers a group of people who consider it their religious and political obligation to populate some of the most sensitive and disputed areas of the West Bank, especially those with a spiritual significance dating back to the Bible.

Throughout his journey, Louis gets close to the people most involved with driving the extreme end of the Jewish settler movement – finding them warm, friendly, humorous, and deeply troubling.

Louis Theroux spends time with ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers and discovers a small, but very committed subculture.

On a hilltop in the Northern West Bank, not far from the large Palestinian city of Nablus, I met 17-year-old Yair Lieberman.

A part-time labourer and student, Yair’s home was a makeshift canvas-covered structure, only slightly more solid than a tent, which he shared with three other young men. The bed was a tangled mess of sheets, in the style of a conventional teenager’s, and hung around the dwelling were posters – though not of pop groups, but of favourite rabbis. Outside, in the neighbouring lots, was a scattering of fifteen or so caravans and trailers – the outpost of Havat Gilad.

Like the settlements up and down the West Bank, Havat Gilad is illegal under international law. It lies miles inside the territory won by Israel in the 1967 war and the vast majority of the surrounding population is Palestinian. But Havat Gilad is also illegal under Israeli law. Electricity comes from a generator. Water is trucked in.

Yair moved up to Havat Gilad a couple of years ago. On a tour around the hilltop, I asked him why he’d decided to make his life in this ramshackle encampment, at the end of a dirt road, on an inhospitable hilltop among Arab olive groves.

“If we’re not here there’s a [Palestinian] city and we don’t want another [Palestinian] city,” he said.

What, I wondered, would be so bad about another Palestinian city?

“Because it’s my land! It’s the land of Israel. It’s not the land of Palestinians.”

Yair’s beliefs are shared by a hardcore religious nationalist fringe of Jewish Israelis who have chosen to make their home up and down the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. They say that those areas belong by right to the Jewish people – a title claim based mainly on the bible.

The fact that there are nearly ten times as many Arabs as there are Jews in the West Bank, with their own dreams of a national homeland, they regard as a side-issue.

I was making a documentary about these ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers, called The Ultra-Zionists. For several weeks I’d been spending time in some of the most hardcore and uncompromising sections of the Israeli nationalist community – the Jewish enclave in Hebron, in the hilltops in the north of the West Bank, and in the crowded Arab neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem – choosing to come at a time when peace talks were ongoing and the extreme settlers were therefore more embattled.

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  1. FACT: Over 100,000,000 Christian innocents were exterminated by All Anti-Christian Jewish Red Commissars in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution under the orders of Trotsky, the Jewish Commissar of Commissars.
    Yet Spielberg will never Direct a “Schindler’s List” Movie for them or their genocide. Why is that? Because Jews did it. Christians were murdered in the USSR under Jewish Marxism between 1917-1945, and many of the Marxists came to Russia from New York to do this to Christians in 1917 after Jacob Schiff, the Jewish anti-Christian maniac banker who owned The Guaranty National Trust, the largest bank in the United States, financed Lenin and Trotsky $35 million for the Red Revolution and the mass killing of these Christian souls. We must never forget this.

    • hi, I can’t find any information for that 100 million christian innocent deaths thing, where did you find that number? I can only find numbers of maximum 12 million deaths total from the Russian revolution. I wonder if that many civillian deaths is even possible without any history recording…?

  2. Jews? Chosen people? Nothing like that ! I understand Natzi idiologi ! I can see how this nation of dogs need to be persecuted for eternity ! They deserv what hapened to them and what will hapen ! in min 50:40-50:50 10 sec it takes him to say that by the low of god you supose to kill someone ?! Why do you expect to be treated difrent just because you where persecuted? No my friend !

  3. Wow. Shocking. Definitely not what the US media portrays the situation to be. Obviously.

  4. there is absolutely not one redeeming quality amongst any pro-israel Christian or Jew that I have ever met. This film has done nothing more than reinforce my perspective. These Zionist settlers their proponents and their Christian servant wine grape Pickers are nothing more than a band of lunatics. They are absolutely insane. You zionists are without a doubt by far the most delusional single group of people in the world.

  5. during the circumcision note how they chant loudly in an attempt to drown the agonised screams of that poor poor baby!

    • Yes, and a big “Zionist Talmudic” secret. (You haven’t understood how lying and deception is considered perfectly okay ….and perfectly okay against GOYS …they are proud and bragging **outside** in puglic for ourder

    • That’s not exactly true…the baby is given a drop of wine before the circumcision, to calm him and the man who conducts the circumcision, (the mohel) is trained like a doctor. He performs the circumcision very, very quickly. The crying baby, after being bandaged, is then returned to his mother, to receive her breast milk and then he sleeps. The mohel visits the baby’s home every day to ensure that the baby is fine. The baby’s behaviour and temperament is fine thereafter. After the circumcision has been performed, the baby heals and is well-looked after by his mother and father. It’s very easy to criticise what you do not understand. If you were to visit a dentist who was performing the drilling of a cavity and then filling the enlarged cavity with material, you would also think that the patient is suffering. Everything is reliant on the perspective and the knowledge about the actions.

      • Hi Vardi. Atheist here.

        A dentist uses anaesthetic to completely numb the site before drilling if the patient is going to feel any pain. I imagine having the foreskin removed from the most sensitive organ of the male body is painful beyond the capacity of a calming “drop of wine.”

        Next you’ll be telling me Muslim female circumcision is ok too because the cutter has a wealth of experience and makes housecalls later. They don’t use anaesthetic either.

        What is it you think I don’t understand about these religious practices?

        • How sad that your ignorance shines through every syllable of your responses. No I will never say anything positive about a Muslim girl being butchered to have her clitoris cut away.
          That is obviously barbaric.
          To compare a baby boy’s circumcision to that is crazy.
          Muslim boys also get circumcised at age 13.
          The doctor who does the 8 day old Jewish baby boy’s circumcision performs the ‘surgery” quickly and then the baby is given to his mother to breast feed and calm him down.
          Alternatively some parents opt to have the circumcision performed in hospital on the baby’s 8th day.

          • Both are physically unnecessary, intrusive procedures undertaken for religious/cultural purposes.

            You, my friend, are special pleading.

          • Wrong- circumcision reduces the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases it is a scientific fact look it up.

      • Vardi! You forgot to mention the Mitzitzah Bpeh part where the Rabbi sxxks off the baby boys pxnxs in his mouth. How many children in NYC died ornhave herpes from “Mohels”?

        Vardi is here to normalize ritualistic Jewish child gRAPE!

        • Why circumcision bothers you if as you say you are not pro-Israel is obvious – as long as you keep it on here and don’t resort to your ancestors actions against the Jews that will be fine.-

  6. shocking, utterly shocking how the Zionists lie and lie and lie. As for the apartment full of belongings being just left because they left in a hurry……..what a load of codswallop. They bleat and whine about the Pogroms of Russia and the Holocaust, yet here they are, doing the same thing…………..
    And how convenient to do as you please, kill people, steal their homes and state simply “it’s God’s will”. Perhaps I will rob a bank this afternoon because ;God’ is telling to.

  7. Wow, these Zionists are fkn delusional and horrible. Men are a Goddamned disease.

  8. Just watch the last 45 seconds of the video, ”There is nothing that the World or You can do about it” says the settler to the Journalist. Well , we all remember the time when the whole World saved the Jewish Ass in the 2nd WW otherwise they were to be wiped out. I see today Israel as a Product of the World mistake made 70 yrs. back. Sorry to my Jewish friends who do not belong to the extremists that most of the Interviewed jews on the video belong to.
    The crimes against poor palestinian families are beyond any possible imagination. God save and help unprotected Palestinian families out there as well as unguilty Jews who sometimes are are attacked by angry hurt palestinian youth.

    • Bert, could you please remind me how the Jews of the WW2 were saved? Really? Then how is it possible that more than 6 million Jews were slaughtered….maimed, shot, gassed, murdered, starved, beaten to death, hanged, whipped….. please remind me how the whole world saved the Jews???

      • Vardi, where was your god when Hitler was roasting your dead bones?

      • Unfortunately somebody stopped the Nazis…. unfortunately…

        • Thank you so much for your comment. You present the most convincingly argument for Zionism and the establishment of the state of Israel. A Jewish country protected by a Jewish army keeping us safe and far away from Nazi filth like you. Again. Well done.

        • Yes unfortunately and soon we’ll be coming for you be afraid be very afraid the rock under which you lurk has been marked out.

  9. Read Nietzsche’s ‘On the Genealogy of Morals’ to understand from a socio-historical perspective what Zionism created. Nietzsche was not an anti-semite. He was just critical of their values; most of all, his most critical charge against Judaism was that it gave birth to Christianity; the most life denying, oppressive system in the Western world. A wolf in sheeps clothing.
    Further, why have the Romani’s, Poles, Russian POW’s, Homosexuals, the infirm, Socialists, Intelligentsia etc have been all but forgotten as victims of the holocaust?
    Do they all have Nation states of their own? Do they wield so much political influence that they influence Western foreign policy? Do they run a virtual concentration camp next to their territory?
    I bet I will be immediately labelled an anti-semite for asking critical questions. I am not an anti semite. I just believe in critical thinking and free speech.

  10. Religious Extremist are Terrorists because they instill terror.

  11. Like he said, if he’s an religious extremist, then all Israel people are extremists… what we do with extremists? What Hitler done, but didn’t finished.

    • A “hardcore religious nationalist fringe of Jewish Israelis” does not represents exactly that– not everybody living in Israel and certainly not every Jewish person, dumbshit. You obviously didn’t even bother reading the entire description of the video and so I’m sure you didn’t actually watch it.

  12. All one has to do is read the Talmud to see the deeply entrenched racism of the Ashkenazi Jewish race, that they have one set of rules for themselves, and another set of rules for the (inferior) Gentiles. The house of a Gentile is considered vacant property, ridiculous stuff.

    So in other words, all the Palestinian Homes are considered vacant property, and that is the thinking that led to where we are today with no end in sight, because they believe whatever they want is theirs to take and Gentiles are just a massive slave race for their use.

    Despicable stuff. Hypocritical Racists for 2000 years and counting.

    • Sorry to correct you…that is simply not true.
      Jews are taught together with their texts, including the Talmud and many more texts, that Gentiles are to be treated with respect. We are commanded to respect Gentiles and receive them warmly. It is our responsibility to help Gentiles and other peoples when they are in need. Our charities are also to be given to any nation that is needy. Why do you think that the first medical teams arriving anywhere in the world are from Israel? Look at the world’s earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, fires, floods, Haiti, Nepal, Turkey, Africa (circumsions to prevent STDs), etc.. shame that your vision is so narrow.

  13. The Palestinians have received A LOT of money. They’ve had the entire force of the Soviet Union (from the 60s to the 90s) and the extremely wealthy and influential Arab league, not to mention almost every other Arab majority country, who’ve provided them with money (mostly embezzled by their leaders or spent on more weapons), weapons, and have used their influence and power to spread Palestinian nationalist propaganda to practically every college campus and news outlet in the world. Plus in east Jerusalem (which is majority Jewish and has been for centuries), or more specifically the neighborhood of silwan/Shiloah which is the one in question, the settlers are buying homes from individual Palestinians themselves, many of whom then move to more upscale neighborhoods in “west Jerusalem”. So it’s not illegal

  14. Perhaps the best documentary on this subject is called Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land

  15. This documentary I felt offered some good insights into the Israeli/Palestinian dynamic. I enjoyed seeing a little bit about what daily life is like in the West Bank. You can see how passionate the Israelis and the Palestinians are about their views. Since Jesus taught forgiveness, compassion and to love even for your enemies, I think both sides know what to do. For there to be peace someone will have to make a conciliatory move.

    • there was a man called Jesus who lived once. He was not ‘the son of god’ because there is no such thing as god, fairies, santa claus. Believe in any kind of mythical being who is on *your* side and sanctions you doing bad things to others who don’t believe in your mythical being, is what causes most of the world’s problems. Ban religion and you will have peace in the world (if you also ban politicians who create wars for profit)

  16. Jew’s have displayed this type of behavior throughout history. Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds. They take/do what they want and anyone who opposes them is met with claims of anti-Semitism and violence. It is ridiculous that they are still getting away with this. For the most part Jews are disliked due to their own actions and their attitude towards others.

  17. I’ve been watching documentary after documentary on the subject of Israel and Palestine, trying to get a better grasp of the history that lies between these two peoples, and why there is so much apparent hatred that continues upon both sides. I would like to say that I’m not a bigot, but I’m unsure if that’s true, as I’ve never met anyone from Palestine, but the Jewish people that I’ve met over the years have been good people, and so I have nothing against them personally, only more specifically, I have mixed feelings towards the statements and decisions made, and the actions taken, by those in charge of Israel over the years.

    First, let it be said that I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the issues that are happening there. From the limited information I’ve come across, it seems as though the (present) state of Israel was brought into being in an effort to relocate the many millions of Jews that found themselves without a home after World War II. This was an action that was sanctioned by the international community, and while it was a choice that many Arab peoples – specifically those found in Palestine, who’s territory included lands that in the past were inhabited by Jewish ancestors – were resistant towards if not outright against, the rest of the world won out. I don’t know why. I don’t know how that decision was reached. It seems to me that at some point, the Jewish people may have been driven out through severe persecution by a long litany of other parties, and if that’s the case (which seems to be what I’ve read and heard) then I can appreciate a desire to return to the motherland, as I can appreciate a desire for First Nations peoples to be welcomed back to lands they’d previously lived on before English, French, Spanish and Portuguese settlers dislocated them.

    The regrettable thing is, and here’s where my heart is divided on this issue, is that the Jewish people, for whatever reason, made choices to leave, made choices to live in peace by fleeing the persecution of their people rather than fighting – a choice faced by millions of people even to this day, no matter what nationality or religion. Obviously, the ideal would be to return to their homeland, but in order to do that, they’d need to make the choice to fight for it. Only they didn’t.

    They instead died by the millions during the Holocaust, and then, when it was determined that there was no place for them abroad, SOMEHOW it was agreed that they should be given back the land their forefathers had abandoned or been driven out of years ago.

    The people living in those lands at that time, Palestinians, may indeed have been direct descendants of those who persecuted the Jewish people over the hundreds and thousands of years. But it wasn’t the fact that they were the chief reason why so many Jews were caught in the crosshairs of the Nazi regime that made them the nation the international community felt okay ousting in favor of setting up a home for the beleaguered Jewish community. It was because they were the people who were living in Jerusalem at that time. Jerusalem. The legendary city that has been at the center of almost every religious war throughout history, but as the name implies, initially the capital city of the Jewish people.

    Again, I see the line of thinking. There’s nothing for the Jewish people in the rest of the world but more persecution. We can’t allow another Holocaust to happen. Let’s collectively make the call to place the Jewish people back where they came from. And the funny thing is, even though there was clear Arab resistance to the decision made, the action was taken, and Israel was given the full support of the Allies in order to ensure that they weren’t driven away again. And some people accepted the generous offerings that came with the Diaspora, and others rejected them, and through all this turmoil, Israel was born.

    I’m not sure even still how I feel about it. Was it the right call? Was it a decision made through centuries old guilt, of wanting to make redress? Was it a decision influenced by high standing members of the Jewish community, who might have considered other regions to integrate themselves into, but who would always feel ostracized, a minority, a people without a home, not unlike First Nations peoples?

    Even though I’m not sure how I feel about it, I am sure how I feel about what transpired after. Decades of predictable animosity culminating in aggressive, internationally backed, sanctioned or ignored wars of conquest, of territory staking, of choosing not just to fight, but to aggressively ensure that their home would never be taken from them again. A population expanding as more and more of the international Jewish community began to return, with the strong arm of the Allied victors paving the way with substantial economic and military backing. Palestinians, who only happen to be the unfortunate people occupying a portion of Jerusalem and thereby the first people to be considered as enemies of the Israeli state, are the ones being targeted by a new style of vicious warfare.

    For those who defend Israel as a state, I cannot gainsay your claims. But I can gainsay your approval of illegal settlements, of “peace talks” being publicly endorsed while still funneling money into expansionist agendas like building walls into Palestinian territory, claiming fences as a means to protect the state from persecutors abroad, even though those fences cut off more and more “persecutors abroad” from their friends and relatives. Calling for continued war against nations who see the Israeli state as a nation forced upon them but upheld by the will and economic/military might of the Allies. Is it a wonder why there is such anti-Americanism in the Arab League? If Israel exists as a free nation, a nation desiring peace and “just to be left alone”, then maybe the people in charge should stop encroaching upon more and more Palestinian territory through the building of settlements while telling those who are “bothering” them that they are willing to broker peace?

    It’s fine that they’re now prepared to fight for what they believe is theirs. But how much longer can the international community swallow the story that all Israel wants is peace … even as they consciously provoke war with their neighbors?

    Who is leading this this dance, anyway?

  18. I feel that because it was once someones land, should not be a reason to try to reclaim it a generation later. Even if it had been taken unfairly, the grief should die then, otherwise the world would be constantly battling over old territory. There is no point harassing settled communities that would otherwise be happy that have no link to passed events. I thought to myself perhaps it be best to split the land and end the fighting, but this is unfair. it is not right to give anything to people that attack the existing residents. I can only conclude that the best course of action would be to remove all illegal Jewish residents as soon as possible before things really get out of hand.

  19. To Israel, it doesnt matter that this man’s family has lived and owned the property for 600 years, because Palestinians are not a people. So Israel has the right to take the land because ‘God’ gave it to them. And we as Americans support that cause. I am tired of it. I am sick of Israel. This is why they will not have peace in the Mid East. This is why there are terrorists who want to kill all Americans. Because we support and defend Zionists at all costs. All of them, at every turn. Until we have Israel stand alone, on its own 2 feet, without our backing, they will continue with this train of thought,; and we will continue creating terrorism.

    • Your a misguided fool. If Arabs and the Palestinian leadership wanted peace and prosperity for their people they would have accepted the generous offers given to them time and time again. Yet they decided that they hated the Jews living in peace more than watching their own people suffer while stuffing their pockets with international aid money that the international community knows is going to build more weapons and a terror infrastructure, yet they continue the charade. If Israel all of the sudden didn’t exist tomorrow would terrorism and anti-American, Anti- Western, Anti- Freedom, Anti-European Muslim extremists all of the sudden disappear?? HELL NO you fool! Israel is the ONLY country that people truly live in freedom, peace, prosperity, and equal rights REGARDLESS of religion, sex, and ethnicity. Can you say that for ANYWHERE else in the Middle East??? ( not including Turkey but even they are misbehaving lately.) Hell no, please open your eyes.

      • I lament the fact that Hitler missed your family. all Zionist Must Die

      • Do you even read what you write? There is no simpaty for people like you, I almost want to shout Heil Hitler

        • I am actually doing it.. and that’s because people like you exist
          I’m not even a Nazi

          • There have ALWAYS been people who have hated the Jews.
            ANTISEMITISM has existed for centuries …. and is obviously still rife.
            Often by people who don’t even know a jEw.
            Often by people who haven’t even had a face to face conversation about anything.
            So, you know what?
            I expected people like you to reply with your sort of language.
            You simply fall into the category of people who hate, blindly.
            I’m sure that you hate others beside Jews.

          • No.. I only hate zionsts

          • you know what? you haven’t surprised me even an iota…your response of Hitler not succeeding in wiping us out is a long time knee jerk reaction. Nothing new there.
            For people who choose to hate (blindly), such responses are the only thought you have. Nothing new.
            Tell me have you even met a Jew in your lifetime? did you immediately hate them because you found out they were Jewish?
            Regardless, you and your like will never be open to a dialogue of respecting the other’s perspective. Oh well, enjoy hating more and more and see how that feels inside you.
            I, actually pity you because you talk with anger and hatred and really have nothing new to say.
            As for antisemitism, it’s been around forever… how come we Jews haven’t been wiped off the map of the world? How come our heritage, culture, religion, customs, music, language, food etc.etc. are still very strongly alive? The Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, the Chinese, the Egyptian kingdom etc.etc. have all vanished, yet some Jews still practise their Jewishness and are very strongly alive? How can you explain all the wars fought against (modern day State of Israel, even starting from 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1984 1991, ….. including up to today, that the people of Israel are very strongly defending themselves against millions of Arabs, who have so many countries, so many people, so much land, and who are assisted and supported by Russia, yet the Jews continue to stand up after each war, proudly defending their miniscule country and wondering what is it that the Arabs actually want. They want the land? Really, what is it about Israel that they want? We gave you Gaza back with hothouses, beautiful villas and the first thing that was done was the demolition of everythign that the Israelis had built there. WHY? Because it’s so beautiful, yet made by Israelis? How stupid! You received Gaza on a silver tray and then you broke everythign that was on the tray. How come all the US $ millions given to you when Arafat was in charge and your people never saw a cent of that money? How come you keep your people impoverished? To show the world how mistreated your people are? The Arabs who stayed behind in 1948 instead of going to Jordan, CHOSE to stay in Israel. They have received the best of health care, education (Israeli Arabs went to universities in Israel) and all the benefits of living in Israel. Hello? Show me another country in the world which allows their “enemy” to hold seats in the government, becoming judges, solicitors and.who become doctors serving their people and Israelis alike. Show me another country in the world which gives their “enemies” IVF treatment by the top Israeli fertility specialists. ( I know becasue I met some lovely Palestinian women alongside me while having IVF in a Haifa hospital). Are you aware of any of these facts?

          • At least be honest that you hate the Jewish people. When you say “Unfortunately somebody stopped the Nazis…. unfortunately…”, as in your other comment above, we already know where you stand (or fall).

      • Thank you for clarifying a murky-watered issue.

      • You’re an idiot. You do same what Hitler did to you, and you call him a war criminal, somehow you don’t see what you do, you ignore it. All the world sees the crimes of Israel, even US are starting to understand it. I do home to see that day when Britain will destroy jews, when jewish nazis gonna be smashed by our troops. Criminal!

  20. If you think Jews don’t have to worry about their security you don’t understand Islam in the slightest. Islam compares Jews to pigs & apes. Muhamed slaughtered all the Jews of Arabia. Islam tolerates Jews so long as they are subservient (pronounced “oppressed”). Islam believes in “Dar al Islam”, the world belongs to Islam .. period. Further, Islam believes that eventually even the trees & rocks will tell Muslems where Jews are hiding so that Muslems will be able to slaughter them, So pardon Israel for its demands for a securable border.

  21. Just gonna let you haters know that giving me a thumbs down without an argument is so typically bigoted. This isn’t about facts for you guys, it’s about bigotry. Keep it up haters ..

  22. When will people learn that hate can not be defeated by hate, only by love? Just as darkness can not be defeated by darkness, only by light.
    Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers. They share the same god. They worship the same god. Why fight over the difference, when there are so many similarities?
    Stop using religion as a weapon in a war that no one will winn. A war that keeps hurting generation after generation.
    You have to open your mind and come together as one united front against bigger problems… Such as the enviromental issues.

    I am glad I’m an atheist. I’m glad I don’t have to identify with these fundamentalists and extremists. I am sad that I can not believe in what they believe… That there is a higher being watching over my shoulder. It would be such a comfort.
    But I am sure that if there was a god up there… he would not agree with how people do damage to his planet and to eachother in his name. I would say that us humans… Were gods epic failure. We were created as carer of our earth… yet we suck the life out of it. I don’t believe that our god would justify us hurting our brothers and sisters.

    Which kind of god would you want to believe in?

  23. If this is the way the jewish people behaved throughout history, than they fully deserved their Adolf and as luck would have it, history does repeat it’s self, so they better enjoy the time spent in PALESTINA cuz there’s no way they’ll be spending another 30y there, no way.

    • Alex, have you read anything aboiut European history?
      It is so sad that your knee jerk reaction to not liking anything that some minority of Jews does, immediately you cite Adolf Hitler. Yes, it’s very sad for me to still hear such bigotted claims. How can you say that anyone deserved Hitler’s laws, rules, fascism, cruelty, inhumane actions and the killing of more than 13 million people: of which 6 million were Jews: the elderly, the kids, women and girls and the adults. The other 7 million slaughtered were the Gypsies, the homsexuals, the Germans who were mentally ill, the political objectonists, and of course, anyone who was in the way of the Nazi machines.
      Yes, tragically you are right: history does repeat itself. The world today is once more filled with hatred, antisemitism and every other anti****ism. Now the guns are aimed at the refugees of the world. There is a universal fear of Islam, given how it is taking over Europe. Will you blame the Jews for that too?

    • first of all, thanks Louis for another interesting documentary! well, that being said could certain people stop making these generalizing claims! sure, there are ultra Zionists and extreme Islamists… but there are also Jews who are anti-Israel! such black and white thinking and categorizing people creates wars in the first place!

    • Thanks for showing that your a racist piece of shit “Alex”.

    • Dearest Alex. Thank you for making abundantly clear the anti-Jewish bigotry on this thread. Blaming Jews for being victims of anti-Jewish bigotry, not just in Europe, but in the Muslem world as well. Alluding to the fact that Jews must remain subservient & that all belongs to Islam. So thank you for making so clear what we all know.

  24. So in Islam’s homeland, Arabia, only Muslems are allowed !! The Jews that lived there were all slaughtered. It’s in the Quran. You know what is never mentioned in the Quran? Israel, Jerusalem, etc !!

  25. Anybody wanna guess how Muslems treated Jews when they were in charge? How about how Muslems treat Jews & Christians in areas they control now?!

  26. As a German, to see the Palestinians fenced in like cattle makes me doubly mad! How can the Israeli do to these people exactly what was done to them? How? It baffles the mind what is going on in Israel, with the world silently watching.

    • Hanna (a Hebrew name of a famous Jewess), How shocking for you to compare what anyone in the world is doing now, to what Hitler and the Nazi Germans did to the Jews of Europe and to the other peoples Hitler decided should also be slaughtered: the homosexuals, the Gypsies, the political activists who opposed Hitler’s Germany!!!
      You need to do some reading before you make such statements.
      Show me another country who allows their enemy to ahve people voted into the democratic parliament to represent their people (Palestinian politicians). Show me another country who when at war, sends down leaflets (from over head planes) warning the population of the enemies (Palestinians) to not be at certain places at certain tiems because the Israeli army will be taking actions (bombing, shooting) so that the civilian population will be safe. You really need to learn something of history before you throw such statements around.

    • You cannot let your historic guilt of your people committing the most horrific crimes in the history of humanity and your striving to be the most acceptable, liberal country in Europe blind you to the reality. You see a fence, now spend about half a second thinking about why a country that only wants to live in peace with it’s neighbors would spend BILLIONS to build a fence?? Because for 5 years straight people were being blown up left and right and murdered for the crime of being a Jew, or not even a Jew just being in the State of Israel. Do you know that nearly 20% of the population of Israel is Muslim?? Do you know that Christians can safely practice their religion in the State of Israel and NOWHERE else in the Arab Middle East? Please Hanna, if that’s actually your name, think, just think.

      • You should do more research, more and more information is coming out about the holocaust hoax and the Ashkenazi Jew planning of this so called 6million persecutions deaths. I don’t have a problem with Jews, just the fake ones trying to claim a land never belonging to them! Same nasty abhorrent Jews that created millions of deaths in the Soviet republic and the same nastyfake Jews who own the banking cartel also the main signatories on the signing of Israel when it was formed. The real lesson here is the Ashkenazi Jews are nothing but Satanists and the world needs to wake up and wipe them out. As for real Jews well without your aggressive brethren you would be living in peace all over Europe without a problem, Nazism – communism – Marxism are all Ashkenazi/Satanist created for the divide and conquer rhetoric. People so blinded by hate with no depth to the argument other than regurgitated lies Fed to the sheep through school indoctrination. I ultimately see Israel as something the 0.1% elite blood lusting scums sick joke, and they should be the world’s real enemy. There’s no excuse for people to hate fellow humans of different race and culture’s as you only have to do your research on false flags and geopolitical wars to understand were all still slaves in a sick social experiment of a very few. Amazing what words on a piece of paper written by a select few can do to a many! (Law)
        Peace and freedom to humanity. Much love to empathic, compassionate souls.

    • Hey Hanna. If the Jews were hell bent on destroying the Germans, walked into German cafes to blow up Germans, I’d say you have a point. But as you obviously know nothing of what is going on in Israel/Palestine, I take your comments with a grain of salt. Let’s face it, 20% of Israelis are Arabs who live freely in Israel, while the Arabs demand a Jew free land. Judenrein .. where have I heard that before?

  27. most interesting docu i’v seen in a long time.

  28. Jewish behavior is the root cause of anti-semitism.This simple truth is outlawed in the US where speaking it publicly can destroy your career and even get your children taken away. Notice how almost all of these properties and settler organizations are quietly funded by oversees (American) Jews.

    The vehement Jewish ego, which feels itself divinely sanctioned and perpetually at war with the non-Jewish world, struggling against assimilation at all costs, and fighting selfishly for Jewish collective interests, is why they are eventually driven from every place they enter and have been for 2000 years.

    This element of Jewish character, even when only possessed by a minority, is the root cause of the diaspora at Roman hands.

    • I found the scene with the brainwashed Christians very disturbing. They hail the Jews as “God’s chosen people” and pick their grapes in gratitude, meanwhile the Jews see them as unclean goyim slaves rightly situated in servitude, who pick the fields but are not allowed to touch the product.

      • Frankly, Muslems behave as “chosen people” far more than any other group on the planet. Israel is 0.65% of the Middle East. That’s it ! Yet Muslems can’t deal with even that. 0% respect for others. All non-Muslems are Dhimmis & Kaffirs, beneath any Muslem. So spare us the “Jewish behavior” drivel. You like Jews that are subservient. Heaven forbid Jews have self determination on even a fraction of the Jewish homeland. Disgusting !

  29. “We either pack our bags and go back to the ovens of auswitch” Wtf?? did he really say that?

  30. I think its sad how pro palestinian support havent forwarded money to stop the purchase of these buldings in east jerusalem. The propaganda campaign on the part of the israeli groups are frankly insulting to the residents of these neighborhoods, and truly show the utterly indignant side of the zionists argument.
    I love how forcing people into designated areas and not aloowing them to leave or cross freely hasnt drawn such obvious criticism given the similiarities to the ghettos of the second world war, you would think a society that arose out of such horrific circumstances would be more progressive and tolerant of these people.
    It paints a larger picture of all cultures being capabable of mistreatment when serving their ends without regard for the plight of others.

    • What the F are you driveling about Pat?! While 20% of Israelis are Arabs that live freely amongst Jews, the Arab Muslems you choose to call “Palestinians” (a name they coopted only after 1967, before that they were simply “Arabs”) demand a Jew free state. Your comments baffle the mind …

  31. Religion of any kind is the reason the world has been at war….forever!!!! My god is better than your god has been going on forever. Would you get grumpy if a group of people ferried into your harbour and said…’well this looks nice and look it says in this book that it’s ours…off you go – your home is ours now..bugger off, like I said, says so right here this book..” What would your first reaction be?????

    • Funny since Jews have always lived in the land & taking Jewish homes & property was routine under Muslem rule. Ignorant much?

  32. Nice to see Hitler’s ideals in action. Might as well start chanting Heil Zionism.

    • Funny since the Arab population has done nothing but grow !! Wow ignorance !!

      • What was the population of Jews worldwide before let’s say 1880? Then say at 1950? I’ll bet you can’t give true numbers as it’s been stitched up. Then have a read of the official numbers coming from red cross on how many deaths there were at the death camps. Who funded Hitler’s war?? 😉 haha what a sick joke, banking cartels mainly insidious Jew run usurping monetary slave machines. And all you got is hate for Muslims? They’re not the evil, and I will say again neither are real Jews which don’t agree on Israel! Your rhetoric is tiresome as your promotion of a hate filled murderous nation. Even if the world backed Israel from the get go you have lost all support as the ongoing atrocities are piling up to what has been done to the Palestinians. Truely sad!

  33. Theres a group started in england, well i should say britian as theres many irish, scots and welsh too, were in the process of sorting out a date to kick all jews out of there homes in london and moving in homeless people. Weve found out that we can legally do it too.

  34. Seeing those people, I begin to realize why Jews have been persecuted throughout history. Gods chosen people, I think not – more like Satans chosen people…

  35. it sadens me that there is so much hate and evil within these two amazing cultures, with such hatred in the hearts of both sides they will never find peace in the holy land, you are both responsible for the violence and the blood on your hands will never truly wash clean. if there truly is a god i believe he would be ashamed of such intolerance. i hope you’re all proud of yourselves…

  36. What I don’t understand is the Jews saying the Palastinians have no connection to the land but isn’t the Islam built on Jewish religion? I mean its just like Christianity only a step further. They believe in the king David story and all the other history that that land holds.

    • Yes .. Islam takes on the stories of other faiths in order to claim their possessions. They believe in JC just enough to call him a prophet, but not Son of God, and only in as much as he is a stepping stone to Muhammed, the ultimate prophet. They believe in King David & Moses only so much as it allows them to claim Judaism’s homeland as Muslem holy land and oppress the Jews in it. Thanks for pointing this out !.

      • You’re the most ignorant person on this thread. Your bigotry and ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of ignorance. There are too many comments you have made that have no honesty or morality behind them. They are wholly bollocks.

        • Ad hominem is always childish and inappropriate in a discussion, but he’s certainly not ignorant when it comes to the history of the land

  37. I think they should be so so proud of what they have turned Jerusalem into. A place of prevaling hatred.

  38. lets face it. religion is the cause here

    organized religion is the only thing that should burn in hell

  39.  I must say that while the state of Israel works for international acceptance for their ways of solving “problems” in the middle east, documentaries such as this one, really undermines the entire jewish community.

    I can truly say that when people say that a certain land is theirs because some ancient tale in a book says so – I have lost all faith in humanity. And in this case – the jews. They behave like the germans did in the 40s, and I am ashamed to see it…

  40. It’s a pity that these so-called journalists don’t bother to research
    what international law actually says rather than accepting the BIG LIE
    that international law says what most of the world would like it to…as
    opposed to what it actually says.

    The *extant* *binding* international law is San Remo + British Mandate +
    Article 80 of the UN Charter. And it is Article 80 that says rights
    already accorded are unchangeable, which means no Jewish leader can
    legally sign those rights away, as they have been accorded to the Jewish
    people as a whole, present and future.

    Consequently, the Jewish people as a whole would not be bound by any
    so-called peace agreement that involves ceding land between the Jordan
    River and the Mediterranean Sea.

    The secular state of Israel could cede territory, but not on behalf of
    all the Jewish people, as Article 80 ensures ongoing Jewish rights to a
    national home in all the land; particularly settlement rights and sole
    political rights.

    International law not only encourages Jews to settle all the land where
    private ownership cannot be established, but accords Jews these rights
    as unchangeable.

    Therefore, if the state of Israel ceded territorial claims, the Jewish
    people as a whole still have the unchangeable rights to establish sole
    political rights and to settle anywhere between the river and the sea.

    Some Jews would simply declare independent authority over any lands the
    state of Israel did not claim. And international law would be on their

    This is what the so-called international community would clearly like to
    reverse and employs Big Lie techniques to try to cover up what
    international law actually says.

    However, the Great Powers and the League of Nations made the agreements,
    which were inherited by the United Nations, and the UN Charter says
    they cannot be broken or abrogated.

    Those so-called extreme Jewish settlers have the extant and binding
    international law completely on their side, whether the Israeli
    government, the Israeli Supreme Court, Israelis, the US, the EU, Russia,
    the international courts, the UN, the so-called international community or anyone else likes it or not.

    Of course, we know that they don’t like it and wish it weren’t so. But
    the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue as long as there are competing
    claims and as long as there is a Jew who claims his/her rights under San
    Remo + the British Mandate + Article 80 of the UN Charter.

    A Jew no longer has to justify his/her claims according to belief, the
    Bible, or history, but only needs to call on the very clearly stated
    rights s/he has accorded by international law, which are unchangeable. Like it or not!

  41. It’s a pity that these so-called journalists don’t bother to research
    what international law actually says rather than accepting the BIG LIE
    that international law says what most of the world would like it to…as
    opposed to what it actually says.

    The *extant* *binding* international law is San Remo + British Mandate +
    Article 80 of the UN Charter. And it is Article 80 that says rights
    already accorded are unchangeable, which means no Jewish leader can
    legally sign those rights away, as they have been accorded to the Jewish
    people as a whole, present and future.

    Consequently, the Jewish people as a whole would not be bound by any
    so-called peace agreement that involves ceding land between the Jordan
    River and the Mediterranean Sea.

    The secular state of Israel could cede territory, but not on behalf of
    all the Jewish people, as Article 80 ensures ongoing Jewish rights to a
    national home in all the land; particularly settlement rights and sole
    political rights.

    International law not only encourages Jews to settle all the land where
    private ownership cannot be established, but accords Jews these rights
    as unchangeable.

    Therefore, if the state of Israel ceded territorial claims, the Jewish
    people as a whole still have the unchangeable rights to establish sole
    political rights and to settle anywhere between the river and the sea.

    Some Jews would simply declare independent authority over any lands the
    state of Israel did not claim. And international law would be on their

    This is what the so-called international community would clearly like to
    reverse and employs Big Lie techniques to try to cover up what
    international law actually says.

    However, the Great Powers and the League of Nations made the agreements,
    which were inherited by the United Nations, and the UN Charter says
    they cannot be broken or abrogated.

    Those so-called extreme Jewish settlers have the extant and binding
    international law completely on their side, whether the Israeli
    government, the Israeli Supreme Court, Israelis, the US, the EU, Russia,
    the international courts, the UN, the so-called international community or anyone else likes it or not.

    Of course, we know that they don’t like it and wish it weren’t so. But
    the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue as long as there are competing
    claims and as long as there is a Jew who claims his/her rights under San
    Remo + the British Mandate + Article 80 of the UN Charter.

    A Jew no longer has to justify his/her claims according to belief, the
    Bible, or history, but only needs to call on the very clearly stated
    rights s/he has accorded by international law, which are unchangeable. Like it or not!

  42. Jews have mastered Nazis… Bravo

  43. Whoever said Israel is the ‘MOST legitimate’ country could not be further from the truth. In 1967, the United Nations UNANIMOUSLY passed Resolution 242, which ordered Israel’s immediate retreat from the Palestinian territories that it had annexed during the war. They are still yet to comply. For anyone who requires it to be spelled out, that means it is an ILLEGAL occupation.
    Before ‘Anonymous’ gets all up in my grill, I challenge anyone to find a single ‘anti-Semitic’ word/phrase in the above paragraph.
    To me, anyone who uses the horror of the holocaust to legitimate the illegal occupation of another country is a deplorable human being and one who is in the business of further sullying the memory of the people who were murdered by the Nazis.
    What happened to the Jews in Europe during the second world war is in all probability the worst, most horrific thing to have ever happened on this planet. That does not give anyone the right to go and dominate another innocent group of people though. Israel is a disgusting bully of a country and those ultra-zionist ‘settlers’ are up there with the Westboro Baptist Church when it comes to using religion as a poor excuse to ruin the lives of others.

  44. I had to remove nearly 10 porno pop ups including TAB-BET before I could watch this.

    Seems to me the Zionists are pissed off and have their hacking dogs working over time.

    FTW! keep up the good work Louis, you are a kick ass journalist, thank you for taking me to a world of which I have never been before.

    Peace be with you.

  45. jews can go on and kill the arabs and say what ever they wish to while the world watch but one the arabs will have the last laugh

  46. “We either pack our bags and go back to the ovens of Auschwitz, and I’ll go back to the shores of Australia, or this is our land and it means fighting for it”
     Stay in Israel. We don’t your kind here.

  47. Religion began thousands of years ago for one reason which was to give people good morals and nothing more, theres nothing good about religion today from what i can see

  48. People forced to leave their houses, leaving most they own behind. Graffitis on storefronts etc. so many similarities to antisemitism in Nazi Germany.

  49. I like to think I’m not antisemitic but whenever I watch films or clips of this nature I can’t help but think to myself “fucking jews” and what I mean by jews is zionists of course but that’s the mainstream jewish voice

    • The term “Zionism” is a rendition of the Hebrew term “tzionut”, a cultural phrase referring the Jewish peoples historic longing while in exile to return to their ancestral homeland between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. The people shown in the documentary are merely a small far right fringe yet one that has a disproportionate amount of influence in Israel due to their wealthy sponsors here in the US and abroad. Most Israeli Jews resent them and merely want to live in their ancestral homeland in peace and coexist with the Arabs, but due to centuries of Arab racism and the multiple wars the Arabs started over the last century to wipe them out (which is how this conflict was started), there is widespread distrust of Arabs among poorer and less educated Jews

    • Dear Dr Clester, as the documentary pointed out Zionists are not ‘mainstream’ they are religious fundamentalists from the extreme left. Many of those interviewed on the program are clearly not people of sound mind, comments like ‘we’ll just head back to the gates of Aucshwitz and the shores of Australia’ (when talking about retreating from Palestine) illlustrate just how mad these extremists are – they are a minority but sadly a fanatical and very loud minority, unable to see reason.

    • i like to think i’m not anti muslim but whenever i watch films or clips of this nature i can’t help but think to myself “fucking muslims” oh and by the way, also when i’m watching the news or reading the newspapers and muslims are acting crazy and extreme again over nothing

      • Turn off your tv, stop watching mainstream news and you will soon learn the Muslim hate is manufactured for us westerners. Divide and conquer working well around the globe so the small 0.1% who own and run everything can keep owning and running EVERYTHING. I understand there r extremists, I also know money pays them 😉 follow the money and you will soon see CIA, Mossad, MI6 helped create them.

    • Why people are so easy being “righteously indignant” about Israel and the Jews?
      I don’t know where you are from but wherever it is, are you Equally indignant about matters closer to your home?
      Of course not!
      The whole story of Christianity is to fault the Jews and blame them for the problems of others. What would be a better proof then the dumb accusation that Jews killed jesus, whom the Christians believe was a god, and as a result the whole world is hell as opposed to paradise.
      Nothing has changed in that respect but rest assured that the Jews will remain Eternaly Victorious.

      • You do realise that a person can be indignant about more than one thing, don’t you? I can easily be indignant and angry about the way Israeli treat Palestinians, and, say, the way russia treats homosexuals. What the state of Israel does to Palestinians is appalling and needs to be exposed because it is an injustice.

      • We, decent people around our world, are more than “indignant”; we are outraged that such war crimes are being committed and that the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues. There may be many international crimes being committed by nations, but none have such a well heeled, powerful, slick and thoroughly unscrupulous propaganda machine manipulating politicians and mainstream media in the west. That is why more and more people become involved in the struggle for Palestinian human rights.

        • “We, decent people” – Dream on.
          No war crimes and or ethnic cleansing is commited in Israel but the Christians who are responsible for WWII would like to say to the Jews “You are just like us” and therefore everytime an olive tree is struck by lightning and goes on fire the “well heeled, powerful, slick and thoroughly unscrupulous propaganda machine manipulating politicians and mainstream media in the west” is blaming the Jews for war crimes. Nonsense.

      • firstly,christians don’t believe Jesus to be” a” God. They only have one God, which unfortunately they got from the jews. I have news for you..there IS no god. Secondly, the world is not a hell for christians. Its a paradise all too often ruined for some by religious zealots. Thirdly, the Jews are not victorious, they never were and never will be. As long as they think they are above others and are the chosen of some ludicrous god they will remain losers

        • You mean YOU don’t have a G-D!
          The Jews are victoriou because 3000 years from now, wherever you are from and the things you believe in, will be in the trash bins of History.
          The Jews will remain in their beliefs and 3000 years from now they will be still a vibrant nation and people.

          • Many Jews don’t believe in god. The state of Israel is a secular state and about 40% of its Jews identify as irreligious

          • @Daniel_Jew
            Jew’s will never, ever be victorious. The Jews learned nothing from the Holocaust. In fact, their behavior has become even more intolerant, aggressive and arrogant since. Eventually people will get tired of this behavior and elect a leader who will do something about it. With the tech available wiping Israel off the map would be easy.

          • God, you are seriously everything that’s wrong with radical, fundamentalist religion!

  50. Jews are back in Israel.
    Rome is just a pile of rubble and will stay so for eternity.
    So are all other nations and religions.
    Judaism is Eternal and this is why everyone hates the Jews.
    Hate us or love us, the bottom line is that the Jew stays. – Simple.

    • Not everyone hates the Jewish people Daniel_Jew, everyone just hates you!

        • Hahahaaa!  It was a sardonic answer to your stupid comment.  If you don’t want to get ironic replies then stop posting preposterous comments.  Not everybody hates the Jewish people, Rome is not just a pile of rubble, neither are all other nations and religions.  Stop acting upon your oversimplified and ethnocentric version of reality, wake up and smell the chorizo!

          • Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt, Nazi Germany, USSR … all ARE piles of rubble. Geographically people still live in those places but they have nothing in common with those empires. Everyone knows that Italians are not Romans.
            On the other hand, Jews have been faithful to the Torah which informs them of how to live through the millennia, and despite all those empires trying to destroy Judaism and the Jewish People, the Jewish People are, and remain, Eternal.
            Islam (Arabs) and Christianity (West) can’t stand to see Jews coming back to Israel because it proves that the prophecies in the Torah are true and it makes it clear that Christianity and Islam are false religions.
            The only viability that these religions have is only due to their “similarity” to Judaism. Note that both of these religions used Judaism as a starting point. If you wanted to start a new religion why do you need to subvert an existing religion? The answer is that no one really questioned the Truth of Judaism, but it was an inconvenient truth, which is why they had to rely on Judaism when they invented their new religions.
            Today Israel is fighting yet another struggle in a long series of struggles throughout history, but I can assure you that when the dust settles the Jews will be stronger than ever and their enemies will be once again relegated to the History pages and to various museums. Maybe they will even make it to the History Channel, if they are lucky.
            The Torah says that those who stand by Torah, Jews and non-Jews, will be blessed, and those who don’t, will not.
            Choose your side.

          • You comment is ridiculous. As a Christian from the United States I would be happy to see the Jews return to Israel. We don’t need Jews or Israel to validate our religious beliefs. On the other hand, without US support Israel would no longer exist. Israel depends on Jewish American’s to lobby the government to provide this support. If all US Jews went to Israel the U.S would have no reason to continue its support and Israel would be destroyed.
            I don’t know why Jews like you believe they are better than everyone else when your country basically depends on welfare from the United States. You can’t support yourselves and the only reason we support you is because your people are so annoying that we would do just about anything to shut you up.

          • David, you certainly don’t spreak for all Jews I am glad to say… the modern state of Israel is NOT Jewish, and any Jew who lives outside of Israel in peace with their country of residence knows one thing about the creators and leaders of Israel – they are blasphemers.

            We are not to enter the land of Zion through force, nor to wage agression, but are led there peacefully.  Those who have and continue to lead Jews to Israel are false Messiahs acting in rebellion against God.

            Any attempt to hasten the coming of the Messiah thorugh human intervention will simply delay the time, and lead to more Jewish persecution until that happens, and anger God.

            Nobody hates Jews, they simply destest the political Zionists who are responsible for betraying God and all Chosen People.

            To any Israelis reading this, can I simply say:

            I am not endorsing rebellion against government, but you are being betrayed by the Zionists who do not believe in God’s power to lead you to Zion.  They are traitors to the Chosen.

            Go out and make peace with your neighbours, with the Arabs who surround you.  They too will be Chosen as they follow God’s law and seek to understand God.  Do not be fooled by the Zionists, your brothers around the world depend on you to peacefully enter Zion.  Invite your Arab brothers to talk with you, into your homes, and into your hearts.

            Do not allow the soldiers to give you orders.  Do not play the games of the politicians, the IDF or Hamas.  Ignore them for they are betraying everyone.

            I wish you all peace, and hope that God shows you the path that the betrayers will not.

          • You are a TYPICAL anti-semite because you are in effect saying that you don’t hate the Jews as long as they don’t choose to live in Israel.
            I don’t know where you got your non-sense about what the Jews should or should not do in regards to the Land of Israel.
            As far as the Arabs, why don’t YOU invite them to your heart and home and country and see for yourself where it gets you.

          • wow, i really have to congratulate you on making an entire race of people look stupid.

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