Louis Theroux: Weird Weekends Black Nationalism

Louis encounters many awkward moments interviewing black supremacy groups and discovering their extremity.

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  1. At the very beginning you see that man arguing that white people can’t agree with anything just by word, they need violence, yet he’s trying and almost convincing a white man if it wasn’t because it’s nonsense.

  2. You can sure tell Rev. Al is in competition with Jesse as to who’s the bigger poverty pimp!

  3. Nice shots of Fat Al Sharpton before the infamous hunger strike.

  4. Shameful the black people dont know the age of civilization.
    Slavery bagan in Arabic countries and they castrated them unless they were muslim

  5. Is this not how wild animals growing up in the wild behave…Wild animals that’s all they’re now…Quick to place the blame on anything/anyone else except themselves. They Do Not know anything about “Self Accountability”. The smart ones leave and move out of the ghetto, which leaves these animals to roam free and destroy themselves.

  6. This video must have changed. For me it was nothing to do with black supremacy and everything to do with survivalist types who call themselves Patriots.

  7. If you cant watch this because of the Veehd plugin, don’t install it, your just get a tonne of freeware and the video still wont play.

  8. It’s clear Al Sharpton didn’t want to hear Louis’ excuses. The man’s death obviously didn’t really mean a thing to Louis, he trivialized it, and that’s part of the reason why he wasn’t being excepted by Sharpton’s group, it’s why the gay guy that made him a gin and tonic told him he wouldn’t need his toothbrush.

    As for the more extreme of the interviewees, I don’t agree with them for the most part, but I clearly see where the anger comes from. So many people want to say slavery ended so long a go, but the thing no one thinks about is how for so many decades after the ending of slavery here in America Blacks were still treated as 3rd or 4th class citizens, that’s when they were treated as citizens at all. We have people who are still alive who remember not being able to drink from certain water fountains, not being able to enter certain buildings because they were Black. People who they themselves or people they directly knew people who were killed, raped, racially harassed and had no legal recourse because they were Black.

  9. I looked at this area to see how the doc was liked or not… based on the typical issues that make any production good, bad or ugly… instead I get ranting based on differing perspectives on racism, and generally with no clear connection to the doc as a whole unto itself. Makes my spleen ache to see all this insane verbiage. More to see how much is wasted on human life. God must be either what? Crying, laughing, screaming, etc? It is shameful to see many of these comments and that these are done in complete ignorance of each other…

    How about using this area for issues like the movie was good, bad, loud etc? If you want to rant about race issues then get yourself a blog.

  10. Based on the logic of some of these people Martin Luther King was white pure as the driven snow, as white as was the Jacksons. You can say what you want, but stating somthing patently wrong makes you a stupid idiot!
    It seems really stupid people are to stupid to know how stupid they are.

  11. I just love how awkward Louis Theroux is 🙂

  12. R.I.P. Dr. Khallid Muhammad, a man who dedicated his life to the struggle for equality amongst African Americans. The white man feared and hated him because he didn’t fear shit. He also died under questionable circumstances.

  13. racism occurs from both white and black people and it is wrong, what has happend in the past has happened these are diffrent times where everyone is equal, them holding a grudge is not helping their cause at all it is only infact creating more hatred and making their situation worse. i would also like to point out that people call each out that name calling is not a isolated situation too black people but to everyone and name is a name it cant hurt you!!

    • Its not equal though. If you have 2 people with the same qualifications and experience and the only thing different between them is that one is black and one is white, then you better believe the white person will get hired (unless there is some kind of affirmative action or quota that the company needs to need).

      That’s just one example, but blacks are not treated as equal.

      For example in a black middle class neighbourhood how many whites will you find? Not many. Or if you have a middle class white neighborhood and over the course of 2 years 5-8 families move there, I bet you it won’t be long before all of the “non racist, we are all equal” whites move to another neighborhood.

      • Facts, many papers written about this. Plus, Some of these old, but racist comments here quite prove what ppl in this documentary said. : “Ape”, “Obama won, so get over it” Yada Yada. The caucasity. Obama is a whole other discussion though, what a joke he was, yet the racist attacks on him and his wife even by libs were never excusable.

  14. It was nice to get to know Al Sharpton a bit — I dig it.

    Erroneous academia aside on the part of at least one the black nationalist groups, it should be acknowledged that people are suffering and they are just doing what they feel they need to do to end it for themselves and those coming after them (whether or not it will work/be productive, is another question). Anyway, their predicament deserves our sensitivity. This shows how far people have been pushed. I thought I would watch this doc and be frustrated by the separatist- and racist sentiments of the movement, but it actually made me more sympathetic and concerned about black (and other) inequities.

    I hope no one takes the message of black nationalism personally — the black experience has really been ridiculous and it would be a great world if everyone would be enthusiastic about turning it around. But, I don’t think everyone really gives a damn, to be honest.

  15. You don’t have to be from Africa to know the Israelites are a joke.  Every race or large groups of people has extremist groups. 

  16. The black supremacists have better outfits than the white one, but are just as daft. 

  17. You wanna be treated like decent members of society? Start acting like it. Nothing will ever change if we all walk around with chips on our shoulders. Its ridiculous. Its like saying all German’s are Nazi’s. Its narrow minded and old fashioned. 

  18. South African, is so full of shite, sorry people this is a myth that Anglos tell so that there devious ways are justified. They love to tell you how tribal leaders actually soled out other tribes to become part of the slave trade which is at least partially correct. But for this joker to try to lead you to believe that set on the EQUATOR there was a race of Albinos who were enslaved by the Africans is just another Douche-bag racsist cover up. I really like Threuru’s docs on the whole but I have to admitt he came off Very cowardly when faced by those idiots trying to tell him that Shakespear was Black. And also kind of racist when faced with intellegent  brothers.

  19. From a South African
    Here is a little fact that you dont see in history books. Black people traveled down into southern Africa and met a new and different people who were not black. They had a different religion and belief system. So they attacked and killed almost all of them kept some as slaves and shoved them down mines where they were worked to death. These people were called the “bushmen” or “Khoikhoi” This happened hundreds of years before the white man came along and did the same thing to black men. The bushmen will be extinct soon. Probably in a 100 years. White men had stronger ideas(religion) and more powerful weapons(guns).

    This is a story that is told and re-told many times. The powerful prey upon the weak. Not because they need to, but because they can. Humans do it and animals do it. Its a survival strategy. Being part of a group, gang or mob makes people feel safe. The Black american man does not feel safe so they think they need to make a bigger group. But its also dangerous.

    Religious beliefs are what swayed Black tribes to go to war and enslave the Khoikhoi people. Religious beliefs are what motivated white men to come to africa. Religion is a bloodshed motivator.

  20. In no way, shape or form are the actions of the officers involved in this shooting excusable. However, maybe if America had any sort of gun control this whole thing would never have happened. I live in a country where all types of personal firearms are illegal. Guess how many shooting deaths we have? Oh and if you’re Jewish you don’t believe in Jesus, so why would you care if he was black or not.

  21. This show was made before Obama was elected. He proves that black people can do anything. Get over it, and join the grown-ups table.

  22. P.S All the fun white supremisists commenting here should do a little research on race genaeology. Whites are all horrifically inbred, the original race was African as proven beyond reasonable doubt. You’re about as superior as a pug is to a wolf.

  23. Have any of the people here who are denying racism is alive and well in the US actually watched this doc?? An unarmed black kid was shot at 47 times by 4 white cops for no good reason. If that happened with 4 black cops and a white dude, they would have been lynched. What is the solution when you are constantly oppressed? Do you think black people want to live in ‘Projects’ on welfare or do you think they would rather intergrate into better maintained communities and get employment on an equal level with white people? The reason these extremists have no time for peace solutions is because THEY HAVEN’T WORKED. The percentage of young black guys killed by cops or locked up for life in prison is unreal. You think there aren’t as many white collar businessmen snorting coke and buying ‘justice’ as there are black kids peddling crack in ghettoes for want of a better career? So why is nearly every long term prisoner in the US a young black guy with not a white businessman to be seen? You can’t fight arrogance and hate with love and empathy folks.

    • This should be called Justifying Racism Towards Whites…. Racism is horrible when pointed at any direction and there is no excuse for it whatsoever! Blacks have gone through so very horrible things, but even so, that doesn’t give them the right to wish death on whites. Superiority comes from an inferiority complex so the ones who are racist suffer from feelings of inadequacy and cope by telling themselves they are superior over so and so. Slavery towards blacks was solely created to make the majority (poor whites) feel like they were not at the bottom of the heirarchy so they stopped making them slaves, started calling them “indentured servants” and made blacks slaves so there wouldn’t be an uprising. Fact is very few whites actually owned slaves, so it was only a small fraction of whites who did. The problem has always been rich versus poor, and like we have seen in white history, and black history, the rich will do anything to their people to acquire power and control. Its deplorable! But the last thing the power that be wants is unity among the 99% which is why we need to start looking forward because what we are doing is trying to walk while looking back and that;’s why we keep tripping and falling down. We need to look forward and continue doing so because that’s the only thing we do have control over!

    • Actually if you pay attention to the news you’d see that the news never covers stories of white people being murdered by the cops! Its always black people being killed by the cops on the news to instill fear of law enforcement in blacks and to make whites think they are safe and that the cops are on their side.

  24. Khalid Muhammad must’ve had the most stilted, purple mode of speaking I’ve ever heard. It’s like I’m listening to William Shatner doing a reading of Amanda McKittrick Ros. Can’t you just imagine him turning to Louis and saying, “Have you ever visited that portion of Erin’s plot that offers its sympathetic soil for the minute survey and scrutinous examination of those in political power, whose decision has wisely been the means before now of converting the stern and prejudiced, and reaching the hand of slight aid to share its strength in augmenting its agricultural richness?”

  25. Any time anyone says to me black people cannot be racist I will direct them to this video. This is all venomous poison. This is why racism will never end in America, because there are never going to be enough apologies to appease these extremists. In the clothing store he said to Louis that Britain colonized Africa and spoke in an accusatory manner to Louis as if it was Louis’s fault. We cannot go back and change what those people did but that is not good enough. It will never end because of that.

    • What apologies do you speak of? I’ve never heard one, officially or otherwise.

      I have seen it rear it’s ugly head in my direction many times in my life and even recently… it was anything BUT an apology.

      Contrary to what you think or believe, the attitude towards black people have not changed. Do you NOT read these blogs? Some comments are horrifying. These are made by people who have never experienced life in black skin. People who mock and ridicule others if only for “kicks”. Rebels without a clue. They will never understand the complexities of trying to maneuver through a life where historically we’ve suffered through some of the worst atrocities for the longest of times, and still continuing. The value placed on our very lives is minimal even to this day, and you wonder why some of us scream. I wonder sometimes why we haven’t burned it all to the ground and began anew. That’s what white people would do AND they’d find a way to justify it in the media (they own the apparatus that dictates the course of our thoughts). Next time you have a mature discussion on Race, which I encourage all civilized peope do, add this to the discussion early on:

      for every action:
      (KKK, Neo-Nazis, John Birch Society, etc.)
      There is an equal and opposite reaction:
      (Black Panthers, Supremists, Pan-African Movement, etc.)
      It’s Physics of Life.

      From this point, you can hopefully discuss the ways of dismantling this evil mindset.

  26. My Goodness. Ignorance comes in all colors!

  27. Well one thing is clear from reading the comments here, racism is alive and well and prospering in America.  Not surprised one bit, if nothing else, the anonymous nature of the internet makes you people show your true colors without actually exposing yourselves.  

  28. THe black nationalists are no different to the neo nazis… they really are people who just overgeneralise too much. there will always be prejudice people in the worlds,black and white… hey, theres white people who hatre me because I am better looking then them,…. and theres blacks who hate me because I am white and theres even women who hate me because I am male. These people have too much time on there hands…. In regards to the black race rising up against us… isnt that a bit redundant in this day and age? if they rose up during slavery it wopuld be a great deed… they wanna rise up in times of relative peace (well as much peace as they can be for so long as EVERYONES being so childish) what would be the point of that…. yes lets kill a few dozen whites 300 years after slavery to make up for some ancestor I cant even name. What these people fail to realise is that in the latter days of slavery there were black people taking black slaves… sad but true.. anmd less then 4% of the white population in america are related to anyone who kept slaves, and even in slave-days/.// there was plenty of whites who were against it. Basicly, get on with living fellas… you form your whole identity around hating a type of people… then you meet louis and you cant deny to yourself that outsaide of skin and accent he really isnt that much different to you and the essence of his being, and alot of whites being.. is not to destroy blacks. we have other thigs on our mind quite frankly, like our personal lives to be worried about helping keep the bl;ack man down. blame our past governments if you like but were victims of them as much as you were…

  29. I should clarify as I feel like I came across a bit flippant. There is racism in America, it isn’t close to over. However, those that Louis Theroux interviewed that had such hatred toward whites remind me so much of those white supremacist groups and, in my “humble” opinion, there is no longer room for either group. Things suck, but its not a white/black thing. Its a have and have-not thing. I don’t hate anyone for their skin color, I hate them for their actions. The only thing that offends me is being lumped in with those idiot neo-nazi and white supremacists when my heritage is Irish-Cherokee. Anyway, I’m done ranting haha

  30. Is it wrong of me to wish we could get these people into a room with white-trash white supremacists and let them all kill each other so the rest of us could try and get along a little better?

  31. I am an African, born in Africa. These people are a fucking joke. That is all.

  32. tom jones is not only white, but only half welsh. his father’s family were from england. his name’s actually woodward i think.
    lots of people in wales are swarthy, have curly hair, and can sing. my sister for example (except the singing part). 
    it’s just the notion that no white man could dance or sing like he did, which is ridiculous for the simple reason that…….he did. 

  33. tom jones is not only white, but only half welsh. his father’s family were from england. his name’s actually woodward i think.
    lots of people in wales are swarthy, have curly hair, and can sing. my sister for example (except the singing part). 
    it’s just the notion that no white man could dance or sing like he did, which is ridiculous for the simple reason that…….he did. 

  34. Africa’s a lovely place. No hardship there….

  35. Africa’s a lovely place. No hardship there….

  36. Nice to see there are plenty of rascists on here posting..

  37. folks, could we just watch the goddamn film & chill…???

  38. “Tom Jones is black?? i wish i was black…” hahaha. I love Louis. And there is no difference between redneck nazi’s and anyone in this video. They all have one thing in common though, misguided hate in a minority of the population. I would rather look at the 99 out of 100 people i meet who are amazing tolerant and understanding and transcend all this stupidity.

  39. Funny how similar the Black and White supremacists look and sound.  Raving nutjobs, the lot of them. 

  40. the whole world is fucked up life is an injustice for so many people no matter what race you are, so how can i as a single person make a differance ?. 

  41. the whole world is fucked up life is an injustice for so many people no matter what race you are, so how can i as a single person make a differance ?. 

  42. the whole world is fucked up life is an injustice for so many people no matter what race you are, so how can i as a single person make a differance ?. 

  43. the whole world is fucked up life is an injustice for so many people no matter what race you are, so how can i as a single person make a differance ?. 

  44. we are all slaves to the dollar

  45. sorry but if u call urself christian, muslim or jewish you must agree with the fact that being gay is WRONG

  46. Poor Louis. He puts up with a lot of abuse. 

  47. Poor Louis. He puts up with a lot of abuse. 

  48. Poor Louis. He puts up with a lot of abuse. 

  49. Poor Louis. He puts up with a lot of abuse. 

  50. —-Theroux pitching the usual Tavistock Institute/BBC state propaganda
    demoralization op.

    CHECK OUT: ALAN WATT online. 

    SEE through Theroux —————–it will blow your mind FOR REAL.

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