Louis Theroux: Whites

As part of the series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends which aired in the early 2000s, Whites is a film that sees presenter Louis Theroux head to South Africa. A country that up until the early 90s imposed a harsh, institutionalized system of racial segregation known as apartheid.

Once the democratic government formed in 1994, the country became more of a vibrant multiracial democracy, a model of reconciliation and opportunity on the African continent. However, not everyone in South Africa agreed with this new democratic government. So in this film we see Louis meet a subculture of hard-lined separatists, who are opposed to the new regime and determined to build their own communities for whites only.

Louis is granted an audience with Eugene Terreblanche, the leader of a violent Boer separatist organization known as the Afrikaner Resistance Movement. Under Terreblanche, the AWB swore to use violence to preserve minority rule, opposing any concessions offered to the African National Congress, an organization AWB supporters repeatedly branded as Marxist terrorists

Directed by: Kate Townsend

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