Love Crimes of Kabul

LOVE CRIMES OF KABUL is an intimate portrait of three young Afghani women accused of committing “moral crimes” such as premarital sex and running away from home. As we follow them from prison to trial, we discover the pressures and paradoxes that women in Afghanistan face today-and the dangerous consequences when they refuse to fit in.

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  1. religious folks are insane

  2. OMG these people are nuts goin to jail for havin sex or running away lmao and parents wanting to drown there kids what a nutty place how does this happen in the real world its mind blowing.This must be a mental hospital documentry because in real life you dont go to jail for fuckin lmao

    • You don’t go to jail for it where we’re from no. This is another part of the world. That doesn’t mean this isn’t “Real Life” this is very much real life for these people.

  3. totally unexpected

  4. this is the happiest looknig prison Ive ever seen.