Loyalists: War and Peace

Former Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) prisoners Gerry Spence and Bobby Philpott claim that Loyalist violence in the early nineties made the IRA realise they could not win. Peter Taylor reveals the true face of the Loyalist paramilitaries and assesses the prospects for peace in the face of continuing sectarian tensions.

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  1. they throw stones at kids going to school . whos a brave man !!!!!

  2. Britain had no right invading Ireland, Irish are a peaceful people that lived on there own country ,

    Britain is an immoral conquer-everything monarchy fueled by greed, ruling countries that they say belong to them …. Jamaica and Falklands to name only a few

    The IRA fought back against british rule because of the violent actions of the english army and police presence up north so call them terrorists all you like but they stood up to the british oppressors at a time when innocent Irish women and children were being executed

    • Blah, blah,blah…were you molested or hurt by a Brit? I mean what, in your ‘humble’ opinion makes Great Britain any worse than, say, the French, the Germans, the Russians/Soviet Union, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the ¬†Belgians, the Turks/Ottomans, The Austro-Hungarians, the Japanese, The ¬† Moors, The Mongols, The Romans or even the USA for a small example? You should really just stick to creating hilariously contraversial and knee slapping usernames such as your current ‘kissing jesus with tounge’ (sic).¬†

  3. Loyalists deliberately use a repulsive unintelligible dialect in the documentary. Subtitled translations are required because loyalists cannot even speak “the king’s English”. Rhodesians were equally loyal to ungrateful Great Britain and were sold down the river. History repeats itself.
    Loyalists will be pleased to know the Irish Free State is no longer in a position to export Roman priests due to a domestic scarcity. The Roman church is no longer a bastion of authority in the Irish Free State where freedom of conscience is a reality.
    Both communities have legitimate grievances. If nationalists wanted to punish “foreign authorities” how better than to let them stay and let them continue to pay with massive economic subsidies? The “Brits out” mentality will reduce the economic subsidies ie compensation.

  4. The conflict is not about religion since prominent Irish republicans were often protestant. It’s an identity issue. Loyalists cherish their identity yet love a queen who allowed Britain to resemble the third world due to immigration and pathetic repatriation efforts. Any third worlder can pay thousands of pounds to reach the “United” Kingdom illegally and accuse themselves of being refugees. Yet they crossed a dozen borders which proves otherwise when only one border needed to be crossed to escape from their own country. Loyalists are not considered British by the average British person.

  5. they were weak little kids trying to be big boys in comparison to the ira

  6. just scumbags pretending to be fighting for a cause

  7. just scumbags pretending to be fighting for a cause