The Luckiest Man in World War 2

The far east saw some of the worst fighting and most appalling atrocities of the second world war, millions died but one young man managed to pull through the lot. He somehow survived a combination of catastrophes unlike any other. Torture and disease whilst a prisoner in a Japanese war camp, torpedo and shipwreck and most of all the Nagasaki atom bomb, each of these killed tens of thousands but somehow this man survived them all, his name is Alistair Urquhart and he is still with us today.

Once the war was over the authorities forbid Alistair from talking about his experience in the second world war , his wife died without ever knowing but now for the first time he is sharing his story with the world.

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  1. God Bless this man! I still can’t get over that he never shared all this with his wife…..a form of denial. Glad he finally told his tale, I hope someone is interviewing all these vets before they pass on as they each have such history to tell.

  2. World War Two’s Forrest Gump.