Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?

State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy, who the UK considers the main suspect in the killing of former FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, did not commit the murder, a British lie detector test shows.

Lugovoy was asked several questions in connection with the 2006 death of Litvinenko by the British Polygraph Association in Moscow. Asked if he had directly or indirectly contributed to the death, and whether he had dealt with polonium, he replied “no” to all questions.

Aleksander Litvinenko died from poisoning by the radioactive substance polonium 210 in November 2006 in a London hospital. British authorities accused Lugovoy of being involved in the murder, while he maintains his innocence. The incident seriously damaged relations between Russia and the UK.

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  1. Russian hour TV do you really believe everyone to be so stupid. Yes all those people who are found guilty through DNA and other physical evidence who also pass polygraphs are actually innocent. Maybe you’re stupid, if lie detector tests are 100% than why aren’t they admissible in court? Not in the UK or USA or anywhere with a decent legal system. You aren’t independent. You’re either very stupid,or you’re biased. The level of cognitive dissonance involved here is phenomenal. No one with half a braincell buys your rubbish, you’re only fooling yourselves if you think so. Unless you’re a troll organization trolling the internet with your troll “documentaries”.

    Let me guess what your next documentary will be called. ‘100% proof the Russian political system is not corrupt!’ By ‘The Totally Unbiased Russian Hour TV’, who are, by the way, an unbiased organization giving you the totally true (not propaganda) facts!

  2. Oh please, the entire event was an obvious set up. There’s no way Lugovoy was going to talk to you if he even suspected you were going to harshly question him. How did you even get access to him? Clearly you have some political connections.

    1) You can trick a polygraph test in many ways, they are not completely conclusive. The man was KGB, I’m sure he knows how to do it. Both the KGB and the CIA can fool it.

    2) Traces of Polonium 210 was found at every hotel he stayed at. He met Litvinnenko multiple times before his death. Why didn’t you ask about this?

    3) Could you have asked him any easier question? The entire freaking film was about how “obviously innocent” he was and how relations with Britain should improve.

    This is a joke, and I’m glad almost everyone sees through it.

  3. you didn’t organize it, the russian government organized it, if it was all you, how did you even find lugovoi? you must have had some political connection. This was clearly intended.

    Either way Litvinenko’s murder was ordered by the kremlin just like the murder of Politkovskaya, who was Putin’s number one critic and murdered on his birthday, WHAT A COINCIDENCE ¬.¬

  4. Hi

    I can assure you we are are independent. We are based in the UK not Russia and make docs and features about UK, Europe and Russia for worldwide release. Of course the interviews are in Russian as Lugovoy is Russian….. he has a little English but not good enough. The Polygraph was delivered by the top British company who did not know who they were testing until they met. We are delivering the facts about the test – it was our idea, we organised and filmed it…. you make your own mind up. There is no conspiracy there. As for the status of polygraph tests – the idea that you can cheat them is fantasy, there is no evidence anywhere. The military tell us you cannot – they do not train for it.

    Thanks for viewing. Look out for a follow up feature very soon.

  5. One sided propaganda…this isn’t a documentary at all, just a PR exercise

  6. Comments are disabled for christ sakes, and the channel name is called RussianHourTV.

    Russia makes bias documentaries like this all the time. like the one on Georgia where they were 100% in the right.

  7. Obviously faked. They found traces of radiation at the hotel he was staying at. If he is so confident why not come to UK and face the prosecution?

  8. I’m pretty sure you can easily falsify a lie detector test.

    there this one trick where you relax and tighten your anus, believe it or not.

    also there are some drugs that can help circumvent such a test.

    lie detector tests are not very reliable…

  9. I’m no fan of the UK or more particularly there politics and monarchy, but this interview could be bias since its Russian and translated into English, so it sounds like one side clearing there name, i need both sides accounts before drawing a personal conclusion

    That said im certain all is not what it seems and i have no doubt britain played a much bigger role in this than they are willing to confess……There is the crap both sides feed the public trough news stations and then there’s the truth that only the secret service people from both countries governments only know