Luka Magnotta: The Gay Pornstar Who Ate His Lover

Luka Magnotta brutally murdered, had sex, and ate his lover in Montreal, Canada, in 2012. He then video taped himself cutting up the body. One limb was mailed to the Prime Minister of Canada and arrived in the mail. Another limb was sent to the Liberal Party of Canada. More body parts were sent to Vancouver and the head was disposed of in a park.

A janitor found the torso in the garbage. The manhunt was on. Luka Magnotta had been a gay pornstar who had famously claimed to have dated Karla Hamolka: a notorious murderer who had helped raped and kill her own sister and been released for helping to convict her boyfriend.

Luka was apprehended in Berlin after a world-wide manhunt. He now faces charges of murder and desecrating a corpse.

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  1. Guess He Was Just In The Mood For Chinese.

  2. Very interesting on mental disorders in general, god why does everything root from childhood abuse

  3. “The man behind the name”?
    Was unaware the name was so universally known.

    Noted also he looks just like a lady, which likely makes him very popular in gay-ism. But if such a commodity is so highly valued, why not just go for the real thing? Never understood that.

  4. For those pf you who have not seen the video…

    It appears the site is having issues due to the popularity and traffic. I on.t know, search around for 1-lunatic-1-ice-pick-video, you’ll find it somewhere.

    • thanx but no thanx hun cud,nt watch out like that it is just so fuk,d up that any 1 cud hurt another peson never mind an animal what can,t even help it self there is sum sick fkn people out there wot makes people do thing,s like that x

    • Thanks, but no body asked. 

  5. I’m no expert, but I would strongly disagree with the guy who considers him a narcissist in favour of the one who says his traits are consistent with a psychopath…and assuming he’s a psychopath, it’s too presumptuous to say he enjoys pain, rather he does not have the ability to be apprehensive of the inevitability of pain. This show is for sucking in uneducated retards like Morthund.

  6. psychosociopathkiller .. not to mention just plain weirdo .. 

  7. dudes still got a trial comin up, and this site has basically convicted him. Not that Im siding with murderous cannibals but I def want to see the wheels of justice turn evenly for all

    • I get that you’re saying that for the sake of principle, but get real. The video shows it all. In a situation like this, the trial is basically a formality but we all know, it’s clearly him, plus he is clearly the animal abuser wimp in those videos, too. A cowardly killer, attacking easy victims, and he’s good as convicted. 

    • they have a film of him doing it….screw the trial he is guilty

      • My brother watched it. He said that Luka went in with a fork and knife like he was eating steak. He said that he used the arms he cut off to jerk him off… omg…I couldn’t believe it. He won’t go to prison though. No sane person does stuff like that.

        • Thats how fuk,d up he is and our prison system,s fuk,d up propper nonce,s there want doing 2 them wot they do 2 other,s and more sick x


    • unless your corperate, you will never see justice my friend, but good luck.

  8. what a load of bollox. 

  9. What is this sensationalist cash grab garbage doing on a supposedly reputable site like Doc Heaven? Even the title is riddled with lies. Magnotta was never a ‘porn star’, he’s bisexual; not gay & the worst lie of all: there is no evidence whatsoever that Jun Lin was ever this man’s lover. Doc heaven & other similar sites lose credibility when they place garbage like this among legitimate documentaries.

    • Of course the title is going to blow everything out of proportion but it’s not far off. He wasn’t a porn star but he did gay porn.. Maybe they should have said “Gay Porn Actor”. He did at least 8 movies. In a way they were “lovers” because they were both on Craigslist for “Men seeking Men”. 2 Men intimately interested in each other = Gay Lovers. Title seems legit to me.

    • Well put. At a measly 14 minutes to boot, it wrecks of opportunism.

      This little narcissistic twat Magnotta doesn’t deserve any more attention than he already got in the headlines and this kind of borderline idolatry is EXACTLY what he was hoping for in the back of his mind. 

  10. Luka was never a porn star.  Even porn actor is overstating it.  He was a porn performer.  

  11. GET THIS FUCKING CRAP OFF OF DOCHEAV!!! I want to chop that dumb bitch’s fake assed journalist wannabe a famous sorry piece of empty vessel’s…..head off.

  12. God I’m tired of these sensationalist programs that cynacaly use violence to smear the character of mankind.
    Violence isn’t always bad, and in fact a little violence can be quite good, and even lead to more effective change. Like maybe in a political revolution..
    And anyway. A little violence doesn’t really hurt anyone, and can even help them. Like how my old dad was really violent to me, but that’s ok, because it toughened me up. Something that stood me in good stead all those years I spent in jail.
    So please, stop this almost world-wide persecution of violent people! 
    Still, I guess that our civilized western society accepts MMA fighters, cops, and even a few soldiers here and there. Not to mention a media who assaults your intelligence each day, so I guess it ain’t all totally bad.

    • I’m thinking jail in not somewhere you go for years…That would be prison!!! That’s where violence gets you!!

    • Surely you realize you’re defending “violence” on the message board of a doc about a psychopathic murderer. 
      Maybe one of those Alex Jones doc boards would be a better place to grind that axe.This doc is sensationalized pseudo-journalism, yes.But by my measure your point is not well taken.

    • Violence breeds violence.  Morthund you sound like a complete idiot!  What did violence get Hitler?  What did violence get the American Indians of our great nation?  Get an education and then you will be able to give informed opinions or comments!

    •  Lot of good that did you, you wound up in jail! Violence is not good, children need love and encouragement, not “a little violence.” They will get enough of that from the world and don’t need it from their families.

    •  “all those years I spent in jail”   .. enough said.. you should have stopped right there.

    • WTF VIOLENCE CAN BE GOOD. . ? get a grip dickhead . . . people like you need  to learn about love .. . . . .

    • This is hardly a mind-blowing doc and obviously cashing in on a ratings trend. But how exactly is murdering and eating a human being comparable to a program about “a little violence doesn’t really hurt anyone”?