Luka Magnotta: The Gay Pornstar Who Ate His Lover

Luka Magnotta brutally murdered, had sex, and ate his lover in Montreal, Canada, in 2012. He then video taped himself cutting up the body. One limb was mailed to the Prime Minister of Canada and arrived in the mail. Another limb was sent to the Liberal Party of Canada. More body parts were sent to Vancouver and the head was disposed of in a park.

A janitor found the torso in the garbage. The manhunt was on. Luka Magnotta had been a gay pornstar who had famously claimed to have dated Karla Hamolka: a notorious murderer who had helped raped and kill her own sister and been released for helping to convict her boyfriend.

Luka was apprehended in Berlin after a world-wide manhunt. He now faces charges of murder and desecrating a corpse.

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