Macedonia: Behind the Facade

Macedonia’s government wants to rewrite the nations history, it’s Albanian minority fear the consequences as ethnic tensions increase, opponents say the regime is using surveillance to suppress decent, stating that the government has been phone tapping thousands of civilians. In this episode of People & Power by Al Jazeera they ask just where exactly is this path leading the people, possible civil conflict?

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  1. There are always two sides to this story. AlJazeera is biased and lazy in there take on this. Macedonia is a very important and sensitive country. The whole history leading to this point hasn’t been looked at. My dad is currently living in Macedonia and his comments are that finally the small humble nation is beginning to find it’s footing in the east west divide. Fun times ahead – for all of Europe. Not only Macedonia.

  2. “Suppress decent”? Who writes this garbage FFS, a five year old or perhaps an illiterate A.I. The word you’re looking for is dissent.