A Machine to Die For: The Quest for Free Energy

Machine to Die For is about the search for perpetual motion and free energy.

Conventional science claims this is impossible, yet generations of inventors have been mesmerized by the promise of an engine that powers itself.

The world’s reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on.

A Machine to Die For showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest.

The documentary could be used as a resource when studying motion and simple machines in secondary science and physics.

It could also serve as a springboard for discussions about inventors and inventions and the history of scientific endeavors. It would be suitable for teachers of middle to senior secondary students in Science.

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  1. If you can build a free energy device, then you can build a fortune, quickly.
    So show us your shoes, show us your workshop, and most likely the world will call you a liar.

    The easiest tool to disprove any “free energy” liar is not the science, it’s human greed.
    When any new invention surfaces, the first three things human beings investigate are:
    1. Can I have sex with it?
    2. Can I kill things with it?
    3. Can I make money with it?

    Notice how they are all selling plans, but not finished generators?

  2. I have a design that is as close to a perpetual motion device as possible
    you do not have to die for it, Just ask
    Tom Wlazlak EttCM Tech.

  3. Perpetual motion is possible without violating first or second law of thermodinamics.

  4. Efficient yes, and I’d like to know some numbers on how efficient. Perpetual no.
    A lightning bolt, which has over five billion Joules of energy, which could provide one household with all their energy needs for a month. Can we harness it sadly not yet.

  5. The amount of negative comments posted here on the people and their science in this doc is alarming to me. I an can only think of how closed minded they must be. If you are not even a tad convinced of their efforts, then why fully denounce any and all of the efforts that they’ve produced, seemingly to me, selflessly for mankind, as…..bullshit? It simply saddens me that people have brains so less evolved that they cannot accept something that MIGHT be possible… your minds!

  6. Good doc. The skeptics were not convincing in their explanations.

  7. the best answer I found was the relay charger. It is so simple and small. So it’s practical to use for powering a vehicle of any kind. Its simple and easy to make. Power gained comes from the collapsing magnetic field. If you arent interested enough to research this, why bore you with ranting. Look it up. relay oscillating charger, I think its formally called.

  8. Who gives a rats about the patent office, if it works make it. To blame a stamp on a document is nonsence.

  9. wow. a whole hour of an angry ginger telling us that all the people the documentary showed were wrong. funny, funny stuff.

  10.  I think the first step to creating free and clean energy using what many call: perpetual motion, is to stop calling it perpetual motion and to walk away from the goal of creating a machine that uses no external force.

     I say use all the external forces you want, just make sure they don’t cost a lot of money or non re-usable resources.

     So what if, let’s say, every 30 hours a technician has to give the machine a push. The goal should be clean, constant energy, not perpetual motion. If you’ve got a machine that achieves perpetual motion like the french dude with the wheel but it can’t produce additional energy without eventually coming to a stop… give it a push. Big deal, a technician would have to be on site making repairs and maintenance anyway.. get him to give the wheels a push once in a while.

     From what I’ve seen so far in many of the docs on this site, the earth is loaded with borderline free, clean, constant energy successes. Why don’t all the forms get together and have a chat?

     Get the experts of Solar, Wind, Cold Fusion, Sonoluminescence, steam, magnetics, perpetual motion, rechargeable motors and battery technology together in a workshop for 2 and a half years. I bet they’ll walk out with a machine that creates constant free energy and costs nothing.

     Between all those borderline breakthroughs surely, together, they could achieve what each of them couldn’t on their own.

    • The cold fusion guys share research space with the guys tinkering with an “overbalanced wheel”? xD
      Cold fusion guys would wall off their part of the lab and leave the others to bicker about whos doing the shop runs and whose doing the dishes. Cold Fusion is the ultimate answer on its own. There is nothing anywhere that can match it. Even if you could make a machine that harnessed the winds and the sun with total efficiency. Even if the battery team found a way to somehow store it.. Even if the crazies finally made a wheel that spun its self and had energy spawning out of the realms of “Well it just does”..

      The energy that cold fusion can pull out of tiny amounts of matter just makes all those other machines a waste of landscape.
      Battery tech could still be useful in many places but looking at how small these cold fusion reactors could become in the future, there will be no need for “batteries” anymore either.

  11. Free energy machine, Umm the universe? Dark Energy accelerating it’s expansion. so it will expand forever until the big freeze/ big rip.

  12. Jeez who made this vid? Why did they use wierdos in this video? Why didnt he just interview john bedini?

  13. lol, if you think building a better mouse trap will get the world to beat a path to your door, just research stan meyer. New ideas are allowed to us and not just randomly discovered. it would be nice to get that free ride, but who really dictates reality to us? the few who control our freedom.

  14. well an electron flows in the direction of charge equalization. thats an electric current. electric currents create magnetic fields. So where does the force of a magnet come from? We must live in an electric field? John Bedini has a solution to this question, a working solution.

  15. A few points to mention;
    1 That american sceptic is so far up his own ass he wouldn’t know perpetual motion if it smacked him one.
    2 Searl has of this time no proof that his idea is not simply a huge induction motor, however, the rotating magnet theory IS sound, see Podkletnov & B-3 project.
    3 The Earth is charged to some 20 Gigavols-surely a good source of power instead of letting it strike randomly, use it!
    4 The 2 machines that worked are both powered by gravity, coming from the earth, no magic there.
    The magnet IS a source of power & IS NOT explainable by modern physics-Quantum or relavatistic. The connections between magnetic, gravitational forces, ROTATION and the whole mass/energy/time thing IS becoming clear.
    The establishment does NOT want you to know this.
    A poor selection for this film, the gravity machines ARE perpetual, so long as they stay on earth, & so deserve a prize, but they missed a great deal…..

  16. Do you believe the time has never started and will never end?
    Do you believe the space has no beginning and has no end?
    I do…

  17. I watched this whole thing expect to see some kind of explanation behind why each device wouldn’t work and what is really happening.

    No explanation of simple circuits or anything. I love this site but this “documentary” has about as much information in it as jersey shore.

  18. Well, if it turns out that perpetual motion isn’t possible, we’ll at least end up with something a little more efficient..

  19. Wow, an hour or so of pure BS. Entertaining, but not much more than that. Im beginning to detect a total lack of scientific mindfulness or methodology within the realm of “unconventional” science. There is a reason why the scientific method has proven effective for so long, it weeds out BS like this.

    • Skepticism has it’s uses, particularly for people who have not graduated to more relativistic ways of thinking and are still capable of credulity.

      But there is a line where skepticism goes too far, and becomes bullshit itself, and you have crossed it sir.

      Anytime someone’s skepticism turns into a bias itself, that’s too far. No one, no one at all, has the right to decide what is proper and improper science.

      The whole benefit of science is that it acknowledges it’s fallibility, and doesn’t accept any kind of dogma, rigid thinking, or hard rules. Any attempt to narrow the scope of science, or to dismiss or excise “unconventional” science is simply odious. That would, in fact, be unscientific.

      As soon as you evaluate something like perpetual motion with the preconception that it is impossible, you are starting with an unforgivable bias, which must be excised by the intellectually strenuous mind.

      • Humans can fly. It’s possible. Your biass that humans can’t fly is very unscientific. See what I did there?

        • Yeah you created a red herring, congratulations on your fallacious argument.

          Now how exactly does the ability of a human being to fly or not to fly have anything to do with his statement on the validity of some ‘alternative sciences’?

          I don’t recall anything about a ‘flying human alternative energy system’ in this program or his post, but maybe I just missed it…

          On the video itself, personally whether perpetual motion in an energy production manner is possible or not isn’t a big concern as I don’t view it as being a viable energy option compared to other alternative energy forms like aneutronic fusion which can provide far greater amounts of energy with just as much(or little) environmental impact.

          Maybe it is some neat novelty technology that could find a niche with certain types of eco-freaks but I don’t see it as a contender for mass-production energy needs.

          Right now a good portion of the scientists on the frontlines of the space age era of discovery are dedicating their time to trying to understand the electrical and plasma structure of the universe, whether they admit or even realize it or not.

          My money is on new energy technology based on harnessing or connecting to the universe’s natural electrical and plasma structure, as both Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein envisioned(albeit from fairly different perspectives).

          But that may be a ways off in the future yet, for now aneutronic fusion with the DPF method is the front runner for near-future energy needs in my view.

          But I certainly would encourage those involved in the perpetual motion quest to prove me wrong as I have personally witnessed enough ‘scientifically impossible’ things in my life to know better than to dismiss anything outright based solely on prior held dogma.

          And some of the devices they develop are quite incredible, especially given the lack of resources most of them have for it. 🙂

    • ok smart ass explain how come the french dudes wheel kept on turning

      • “ok smart ass explain how come the french dudes wheel kept on turning”

        Well, it didn’t kept on turning. That “french dude’s” wheel is just another variation of the infamous shifting mass overbalanced wheel. It has been tried by thousands and thousands of inventors… and it never worked. Not because of a design flaw, not because of some improvement the inventors haven’t thought of yet. It just CAN’T work.

        • WTF you talking about, It was perpetual motion the machine powered itself and kept on moving with no other input. Youre in denial myfriend just like the guy in video “The sun light hits one part making the metal heavier” and that fucktard called himself a physicist.

          • In order to move the little weights that make one side of the wheel heavier than the other the system is loosing energy, it is like friction, so the wheel isn’t capable of powering itself. Science knows how energy works, you don’t create or destroy energy, you transform it, the only thing you could achieve with perpetual movement is a machine that doesn’t loose energy in any way, but that wouldn’ be capable of creating more usable energy, it would create jus enough to continue the movement. Excuse my english.

          • In order to move the little weights that make one side of the wheel heavier than the other the system is loosing energy, it is like friction, so the wheel isn’t capable of powering itself. Science knows how energy works, you don’t create or destroy energy, you transform it, the only thing you could achieve with perpetual movement is a machine that doesn’t loose energy in any way, but that wouldn’ be capable of creating more usable energy, it would create jus enough to continue the movement. Excuse my english.

  20. I think they mean its not profitable but its definitely possible.

    • whoever gave my cooment – feedback can suck my dick

      • F—greece, why are you nasty and vulgar? It is hard to see past your vulgarity to the point you are trying to make.

        If you are passionate about a topic, people in general will be more open to your ideas, your concerns, anxiety, anger etc if you approach them with calm intelligence rather than vulgarity and anger.

        I am hoping that you will consider my suggestion, as it may help you to obtain respect from others, which is always a good thing!