Machines Of Ancient China

While Europe endured the so called Dark Ages, Ancient China reigned supreme as the worlds technological superpower, it is only now that we are discovering that many of the inventions that shape our modern world have there roots in this remarkable oriental civilisation.

Some examples of these advancements are complex geared machines, that allowed production on an industrial scale, precision seismographs capable of detecting earthquakes, drilling machines that bored for natural gas hundreds of meters beneath the earth, the cosmic engine, a super scale astronomical computer that not only tell the time but also predicted the passage of the planets and the stars. We know they even had blast furnaces capable of forging metal on a scale which rivals that of the modern world.

Some of these technologies were so complex that for centuries they remained a mystery. In this film we take a close look at how the Chinese technology became so advanced and who were the ancient inventors that designed and built these machines?

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