Magic Numbers: Mysterious World of Maths

There is a mystery at the heart of our universe, a puzzle that so far no one has been able to solve but if scientists can solve this mystery it will have profound consequences for all mankind. That mystery is why mathematical rules and patterns seem to infiltrate pretty much everything in the world around us?

Many people have described maths as the underlying language of the universe but how did it get there? Even after thousands of years this remains a controversial question, with no one being able to definitely agree on what maths actually is or where it comes from. Is it something that was invented like a language or is it something that we have discovered?

Why does any of this even matter you might ask, but the fact that maths underpins everything in our modern world, from computers to mobile phones to our understanding of human biology and our place in the universe.

In this three part documentary series we see Dr Hannah Fry explore this mystery of maths.

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  1. Sounds like our narrator is drunk during this program introduction.