Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a collectable card game, its strategic in nature, its got a little bit of hidden information were your hiding your cards from your opponent and playing them onto the battlefield in order to attack and block, reducing your opponent to zero life. The cards themselves are collected like baseball cards but a strategy game can be played using them and each card is like a chess piece. From the cards you collect you can customise your own deck making it unique to you.

In this film we see VICE follow a professional Magic player who dropped out of college in order to have a shot at becoming number one on the pro circuit.

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  1. Was hoping for more info on the game itself (how it started, maybe info on the artists are something about the history of this awesome game) but it’s just 20 mins of Vice following around a professional Magic player. Pretty much learned nothing except that mistake cards (misprints) are collectable, other wise it’s just the same as any other chess or poker doc. “I had to leave school so I could focus on my Magic career, it’s tough but I like it. Now watch me play Magic.”