The Making of Trump: Donald Trump’s Quest For Power

He is confident and he is outspoken but many feel he is certainly not presidential material, on the other hand however there are some who are ready to elect him president of the United States tomorrow. He seems to be able to appeal to many with his brash behaviour and bold statements and whether you love it or hate it, his bid for the White House may very well be the most compelling campaign we have seen in recent history.

He is a political oddity 40 years in the making and to understand Donal Trump the politician first you have to understand the man behind the brain. This film aims to provide us with a glimpse into the ego, the wealth and the hair of the kid from Queens who took New York City by storm and managed to reinvent himself as one of America’s preeminent cultural icons.

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  1. No you didnt Leslie & you sound like a very sad soul. You know what..sure the guy has a huge ego & says things that make you cringe. The guy makes shit happen! I have learnt so much about past Presidents hidden agenda’s, profiteering off war & others misery. Christ I even bought a novel written by Alan Greenspan because all these people portray themselves as decent human beings who will help society. Have a look at the state of America. Truly sad & mate…I have come around to this guy. HA he cant do much worse. Stay positive Leslie :).

  2. I tried to keep an open mind but really – this demented freak has absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. I hope he gets elected just so I can watch the world burn.

    • Don’t worry, it will. I hope you will someday understand that the worldwide movement which put Trump in office, put a YUGE speedbump in front of the Ruling Class’s plans for world government. That’s why he is so despised by their Establishment media mouthpiece.