Making Our Way: Autism

Making Our Way: Autism is a documentary produced by MPBN that seeks to
demystify autism, which is diagnosed in about one in every 110
children in America. Rather than focus on the limitations autism
places on those who suffer from it, the program examines the broad
spectrum of their experiences and looks at how many diagnosed with it
have gone on to achieve great success.

Featuring prominently in this hour-long program is Dr. Temple Grandin,
who is to autism sufferers what Michael J. Fox is to those battling
Parkinson’s: an inspiration (in Grandin’s case, as a PhD and an
animal welfare advocate) and someone who has achieved enormous success
despite the hurdles imposed by her condition.

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  1. Watching this video made me think that a lot of people have some minute form of Autism. It’s up to parents, teachers, physicians, mentors etc. to learn what makes a person tick and expose them to what they can handle. Don’t put people into one size box early on and forget about them.

  2. The narrator does sound a little condescending. But as far as commercial referencing, it is highlighting help available in Maine BECAUSE it is produced by the Maine Autism Society (or something like that). It’s more like an infomercial for parents who need info on where to find help.

  3. what a horrible docu.. the comentator sounds like its the automated voice from google and the content is full of commercial references, its just not good..