The Man With The Seven Second Memory

Clive Wearing, has one of the worst cases of amnesia in the world, he was a renowned musicologist, conductor, tenor and keyboardist living in London when he was struck down by a virus in 1985. Parts of his brain were completely destroyed including his memory, however his ability to play music is unaffected.

Clive’s case became known to millions when a television documentary entitled Prisoner of Consciousness was made about him back in 1986, the documentary showed the world the loneliness and confusion felt by Clive whilst in hospital. Without his memory, the only person he recognised was his wife Deborah. 20 years later Clive now only has a 7 second memory before his mind goes blank.

On the surface this film asks what life has been like for Clive and his family over the years but also on a deeper level explores the importance of memory and to was extent our lives are defined by them.

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  1. But how he remembers that he doesn’t remember?…