The Man Who Used HIV As a Weapon

In 2018 Daryll Rowe hit the news headlines as the first person in the United Kingdom to be jailed for deliberately infecting men with HIV. It is an extraordinary case but at the time the media attention was all on Daryll Rowe himself, but this powerful documentary focuses on the victims Rowe had abused, giving them an opportunity to tell their shocking accounts of what happened.

The men featured in this film have all waived their anonymity in order to speak publicly for the first time with regards to the trauma they have suffered. They all have been left with a burning question: Why did he do it?

Once arrested it became clear that Rowe has set out on a dangerous, nationwide campaign to trick men into having unprotected sex with him. We hear first-hand how he would lie about his HIV status, sabotage condoms and later send abusive text messages taunting them with the virus: ‘You have HIV. Lol.’

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