The Man Who Will Eat Anything for Fame

This film tells the gut-wrenching story of Youtube sensation Shoenice22, who has spent the past two years eating and drinking everything from sticks of deodorant, to tampons, to full bottles of grain alcohol.

Chris Schewe (Shoenice) has taken a different approach to ending world hunger, at the age of three he ate a packet of smokes and was rushed to hospital.

Through school he would go on to defeat the dares of his classmates and bullies. Banging down cups of salt and baking soda, pieces of metal, glue, grass, and piles of sawdust, he found a way to win their love.

As an adult, Chris’s ability to slug bag everything from car wax to motor oil has turned him into a YouTube star.

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  1. step one: become youtube famous for eating crazy shit
    step two: ???
    step three: end world hunger

  2. Any update on this guy – is he still alive? I want to know more – like how the hell does he survive after downing a whole tube of wood glue??