The Man With No Alibi

The Man With No Alibi is part of BBC Three’s online mini series known as Unsolved, which explores unsolved murder/missing person cases, very similar in style to Netflix’s Making a Murder. In this six-part season we delve into the incredibly dark and bizarre case of Jong Ok Shin.

Jong Ok Shin was murdered in the early hours of 12 July 2002, she was a 26 year old student from Korea, the way in which she was murdered was very brutal indeed, having been stabbed multiple times on her way home after a night out in Bournemouth.

With no suspects and no evidence left at the crime scene police were starting to get worried they my never catch the killer, that was until a witness came forward identifying Omar Benguit, a heroin addict as the killer. The case against Omar was so weak that it took three trials to convict him and to this day he still proclaims his innocence.

With no forensic evidence linking him to the crime and the majority of the prosecution witnesses being serious drug addicts with criminal records themselves, his family have called in the help of journalist Bronagh Munro to investigate the crime for herself, what she finds takes us on a grim trail across Europe and back as the evidence starts to point towards a known serial killer.

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  1. Documentary from 2018 🙂

  2. The murder victim… I just feel.that she said more..she told three different people that he was wearing a mask..including the dr… So..she was conscious for long enough to say more… I am convinced that his description must have been some extent… And so no reference to how she could say that he was wearing a mask to three different peoe, at different times.. but nothi g else… I just don’t believe and out of consciousness..sure.. perhaps..but you would say more… I know, as a victim of horrific crimes, where I was pronounced dead! No doubt, different situations..but I was also attacked with knives and bled out.. if you can manage to say that he was wearing a mask..I shall repeat..on three separate occassios, to three separate people… You would say more!

  3. about looking at the officers training BB.. & knowing about her many false allegations.. & concealing thesedfacts..what about the officers re. The other two witnesses..what about the officers dismissing the other suspect and the statements made by him before the facts were made public..what about the statement by the murder victim that there was one man wearing a mask..forget about three… What about…WTF?!

  4. So . I count at least four witnesses who said that they lied and were coerced..not two!

  5. TYPOS

  6. The reporter shots the hell out of me… They fou dwitnesses who stated that they were coerced by police and that they lied.. but she completely dismissed them… Going on to say …”I have to find the witbesses”.. WTF?!

  7. Sounds familiar