Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita

Stem Cell Research is arguably the most important research being done today that will pave the way for finding a cure for human’s weaknesses. Cancer, AIDS, degenerative diseases, etc. In 2001, Dr Jack Kessler witnessed a terrible tragedy to his family. This is the story of stem cell research – and Dr. Kessler. At the same time that he became the chair of Northwestern University’s Neurology dept, his daughter, 15 years of age, sufered a ski trip that resulted in paralysis. Dr. Kessler immediately shifted his research from finding a cure for diabetes to finding a cure with stem cell research for spinal cord injuries. However, then- President George W. Bush decided to veto a bill for special funding for stem cell research. The battle began.

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  1. The research team (boy and gal) just didn’t seem as passionate about what they were doing, I think they just waned to get done, and get their degrees. Sad!!.. Hope that one day we’ll find means to meet the ends… And as for moral and ethical issues, this should not even come to question. It’s not hurting anybody, and people that claim that stem cells are human, are just small minds that trapped in their illusions.

  2. I’m not sure why this research isn’t protected by the first amendment.

    • because it says so in the bible! don’t you come and ruin ouur good moral christian founding with your liberal agenda, he is coming for our guns and now they have come for our freedom! THEYTOKKOURJOOBS

  3. Unbelievably great documentary!!

  4. Hmm. A tad emotionally manipulative. I wonder what the IRB thinks. I’d like to be a fly on the wall at those meetings.

    • Nevertheless, a good documentary that shows more than the science and controversy, but the human condition as well. I like especially how the people with the injuries are not portrayed as victims, and the ones doing most of the suffering seem to be the researchers. This was profoundly insightful.  

  5. they might as well say jacking off kills life, wich would make alot of girls cannibals……:P

  6. Bush and everyone who voted for him are the pain of our world which has to be stopped

  7. this research could change the world for lots of people 
    great doc might be a bit out dated at this stage, god know’s we send men and women  to war at the cost of life never mind money and this research could give people a better quality of life,  what’s wrong with taking a cell and duplicating it ?